13 September, 2007

Oh !! The So Very Quirky Abhay !!

The incredibly humorous mother of Kuttimeow has tagged Abhay with the ‘quirky’ tag. I honestly was going to leave this tag open for Abhay to do himself when he grew up enough. But wiser counsel prevailed. Simple reason – I dare not !!! With K’s mom promising to send more missiles my way [oh yeah – she’s already sent one missile all the way to HK and boy oh boy – it sure found its mark and then some :-)], I kind of decided not to risk it.

Now after K’s Mom reads the above, I’m sure a missile is going to head my way anyways – if it has not already been launched, that is !!!

Awright – that is enough digression on my part. Abhay and his quirks .... here goes .....

Anything and everything under the sun, moon, planets, stars has to be either preceded or followed by a barrage of “Why’s”, “How’s”, “What’s”, “Why nots” and the like. We live in a world that is swimming with questions right now. Questions that could well be downright silly or questions that could totally take ones breath away with its clarity of thought. But questions rule the roost !!!

While on our way to school (and this is only on the way to school and not while coming back home – even though the route we take is the same) – he has to, come hell or high water – he has to count the steps while on his way down the steps. “One, Two, Three …..” he goes in his singsong voice and if he happens to jump down double steps or if he happens to forget to count a step – then God help me !!

He has an unquestionable accent. The way he twirls the “R’s” and the “C’s” and the “K’s” and many more – the accent is unmistakable. Where he got an accent from or where he learnt to speak that way – we have absolutely no idea. Ever since he started to speak out loud, the accent has been there too.

He loves to spray water on Timmy the turtle. He uses the water sprayer that I normally use to spray water while ironing clothes and liberally sprays water all over our pet turtle. Best part – the turtle does not seem to mind either. Generally what Abhay gets in return is a rather bored look which seems to say “Hey don’t you have anything better to do ?” and it is that very bored look which sends Abhay into a laughing fit.

Not only does he feed the fishes now, he also sits patiently near the aquarium pointing out to each and every pellet that floats in the water. “Eat, Fishy Eat this, Fishy Eat that, Fishys Finish your food” is oft heard. And once the fishes have finished their pellets he simply has to say to them “Now go - wash your hands”.

Abhay gets right royally drunk on Mango Juice. Frooti especially. We noticed this while in Bombay last year. He totally goes bonkers, speaks gibberish, behaves like a cracked up coconut once a pack of Frooti finds its way into his tummy. For that matter, once the Frooti is in, he cannot even walk straight. So if it is some wholesome in-house entertainment we are after, we know just what to do – give Abhay a pack of Frooti, sit back with a bag of popcorn and enjoy the show !!! Cos once he downs a pack of Frooti, Abhay turns into a very potent source of entertainment.

While walking, out of the blue, he has this habit of patting the legs which are right in front of him. Front of the leg, back of the leg – it just does not matter. Specificity exists – in that only female legs get patted and it is always a couple of inches above the knee – and no before anyone gets any ideas – it has never gone any higher. There has been many a time when I’ve been at the receiving end of dirty looks, shocked looks, gasps …. You name it !!! Someday, if I ever get beaten up, you know exactly whom to thank !!

McDonalds is never just McDonalds to Abhay. It is always “Old McDonalds”. “I eat fries at Old McDonalds”. “I eat some chicken at Old McDonalds”. The menu might differ – but the name never does.

Space still remains a huge obsession. Only difference being that the focus of interest has now shifted to the satellites of each of the planets. Right now, the planet under scrutiny is Jupiter. So words like Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto are heard quite often. To a passerby, it might well seem like we speak in a rather “unearthly” language. And till date, the “Space Book” (Abhayspeak) gifted to him by Aunty Tharini has not lost its charm. When he needs to take a look at and reassure himself that all the planets and stars up in the sky are all well and safe, Abhay is normally seen marching off to the bookshelf and returning with his “Spacebook” clutched in his hands. Thanks Aunty T !!

Ask him to brush his teeth 10 times a day and he will – simply because he loves to “gargle and spit” at the end of every brushing session.

He has to – absolutely, unquestionably and categorically has to wipe his nose upwards. He so does not hold his nostrils and wipe down with the tissue – it has to be an upward swipe. So much so that a tiny eeny weeny line has formed on his nose – what with all those repeated upward twists that his poor nose has to put up with. If he continues like this, his nose is pretty much going to end up with strong shades of resemblance to a capsicum.

The vehicle mania still continues unabated. His collection of wheelies has grown exponentially. And now added to the list of wheely fascinations is something without wheels – boats. Or should I say “Bauts” (that's accented Abhayspeak). And he loves to travel in them too. Come Sunday, the whole entourage is seen heading towards the ferry terminus and then onwards to one of HK’s outlying islands, on a Baut, of course.

He seems to change into something else everyday – or for that matter – many times during each day. As of yesterday, he was a firefighter trying to spray water and put out fires on Aparna (who, incidentally, was posing as a building on fire) – that addendum just in case anyone got the impression that we actually set our kids on fire. And the building on fire and the firefighter successfully completed their mission complete with sound effects – plenty of times over. We’d anyday put the Addams family to shame !!!

Like someone once said,

Families are like fudge – mostly sweet with a few nuts.

Well, what can I say !!! We have more than our share of nutty characters at home !!!

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Moppet's Mom said...

ROFL! Ah, this had to be a good one, knowing Abay. Oh boy, each one funnier than the one before! That's one darling little nut, you've got, G.

~nm said...

Anirudh is EXACTLY same when it comes to saying "Old McDonald's!"

I was really surprised and in a way happy (:P) seeing he's not the only one! :D

Cute and funny little kid you got there!

Lavs said...

“Spacebook” reminded me of a book which I read when I was a kid. I think the name of that book was A Journey with Ray (as in light rays). Can you please put a photo of this book’s front page and details abt publishing house and the author? Thanks in advance.

You have a pet turtle?? Great post-Had hearty laughter reading abt Abhay’s quirks. You write well Gauri.

DotMom said...

priceless post..loved the frooti incident and you wrote so weel (and very funnily) about him pretending to be a fireman!!!!!

NainaAshley said...

The 'Old McDonalds ' thing seems common across kids. Apple says that too.
LOL on the getting drunk on frooti part!

Kodi's Mom said...

the next friendly thing hurled in the direction of HK will be a HUMONGOUS hug for Abhay!!! what an adorable nut he is!

LOL @ feeding the fishies and washing hands! wonder why he tries to boss over them while eating...hmmm...could he be imitating his mom? ;)

Anitha said...

Was laughing aloud and did not even notice my colleague come by to check me! Was so engrossed in your post. You write so well Gauri. Frooti and Fishy were the best. Hugs to Abhay.

Tharini said...

Dopey is welcome welcome welcome for the book! Am glad he likes it soo much.

Old McDonalds was priceless!!

And what is it with patting a leg? You don't need to dress this guy up as Kutti Krishna, he's living it up as one!

He sounds like such a fun guy to have around.

Loooved the quote...as always, its the best and most apt pick! A keeper.

Sunita said...

He is a thinking tank ...hillarious!!

Just Like That said...

LOL at Abhay patting legs. ROFL trying to imagine the favoured knee owners.hhahahahahaa You think the Abhay family could have some connection, however remote to the butt patting Moppet family?

The Frooti quirk is SO cute, Abhay isn't going to forgive you for this when he grows up! LOL

Fuzzylogic said...

ROFL about the Frooti and the leg obsessed little adorable nut you have there!Aww about the fish:)
This was such a cute post Gauri. Give a big hug to Abhay for being such a cute entertainer:)

mnamma said...

cute cute post Gauri! LOL on the 'frooti drunkard' and the pat on the thighs! And on the endless questions I can totally relate with and I am glad I am not the only one going through that :) Ok I'll hide away :)

Gauri said...

Moppet's Mom, Dotmom, Anitha, Sunita, Fuzzy, mnamma : Thanks a lot :-)

~nm : Here's to Old McDonalds !!

Lavs : Will edit the post and put in a pic of the "Spacebook"

Kodi's Mom : Oh How I wish - I could bully him into eating. How I wish ......

Tharini : Want me to FedEx him over to u ?

JLT : Ha ha - forget about Abhay not forgiving me. I have half a mind to blackmail him with these when he grows up :-)

Gauri said...

NainaAshley : Lil Apple says Old Mcdonalds too ? I should have tagged you with this. Take up the tag if you will.

WhatsInAName said...

hahaha :)

Loved the frooti thing! As also the knee pats!
You are in for trouble once ABHAAAAA grows up and reads this :)

Tharini said...

I wudn't mind G. Seriously. Him and Winkie cud be instant playmates and I could cook them up nice nice aloo tikkis! :D

utbtkids said...

Feeding the fishies is to cute! You get dirty looks for patting? Mine used to pat behinds. Pulling hair on teh head is also a major fascination. Now the lil' one is in to trying to lick caucasian women's exposed calf muscles! I have absolutely no idea why. We will be waiting in the doctor's office and this one will make a beeline for a woman wearing shorts. But I remember the older one also going through a phase aroudn this age. God only knows what is cooking up in their heads! Meanwhile winter is fast approaching and every one aroudn will be wearing pants. Yay!