22 September, 2007

Ganapati Bappa .......

Last Saturday (15th September 2007), like we do every year, we celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi.

The Kozhukattai Neivedyam was scheduled for the evening and come afternoon, Mommy and Grandma were busy making Kozhukattais. Two little apprentii were at hand to roll out the purnam and help us stuff it into the dough made out of rice flour.

Whilst the kozhukattai making was in progress, Vic got back home from work. And told both Appu and Abhay that the kozhukattai dough could be used to create shapes and stuff too.

Now it so happened that there was very little of the plain dough left. Most of it had already been used up to cover the purnams (fillings). So, well before brains started to work overtime, eyes started to look at the yet-unsteamed kozhukattais from a new angle and before little hands decided to try and undo some of the dough in order to facilitate the "creation" of new shapes - Mommy directed them towards their pots of PlayDoh.

Fortunately for Mommy, it had been a while since they had laid their hands on PlayDoh and so - with the excitement and hullabaloo that only children are capable of - off they went in search of the pots of PlayDoh. Back them came in a jiffy (by which time the Kozhukattais were safely resting within the confines of the pressure cooker) looking for newspapers to spread on the floor. Off they went again with the bounty (newspapers) clutched in their hands.

Mommy just could not resist joining them and after a while Grandma too followed.

And this is what we created with PlayDoh on last Saturday.

The PlayDoh Ganeshas alongwith the small plate of PlayDoh Modaks and Bananas and the two small bunches of cherries and the one mango and the vettalai pakku too were placed on the prayer shelf. The Neivedyam done, the modaks (kozhukattais) beckoned all of us from the dining table.

It was when Appu was attacking the Kozhukattais that we saw trouble brewing. Abhay, who had been giving her rather baleful looks, walked up to her and asked her very seriously

"Aparna - why are you eating Ganesha's modaks ?"
"That's Ganesha's modak."

Aparna, the modak all forgotten on her plate, was desperately trying to come up with a reason plausible enough for Abhay to buy.

She did finally manage to stave him off long enough to polish off the Modaks on her plate. Abhay did not want to have any because he kept repeating - "They are Ganesha's Modaks".

All of us who did have the Kozhukattais were subjected to the same round of interrogation.

All this because while we were making the modaks Abhay was, as usual, full of questions. And Grandma told him that Lord Ganesh likes modaks and so we make modaks for him on Ganesh Chaturthi day.

Next time onwards, memory ought to serve right and there does need to be an added clause to such explanations in that after the pooja God does indeed give human beings permission to consume the Neivedyam.

As far as Appu is concerned - her penchant for Kozhukattais (Modaks) has led her face to face with a dilemma of sorts. A catch-22 situation, if I may call it.

Cos her proclivity and partiality towards Modaks led Daddy to coin Appu's latest nickname (which is in use till date).

The nickname being "Modakeshwari" !!!

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12 voice(s) said so:

Trishna said...

Awww Gauri...
This is so sweet.. The PlayDoh Ganesha and his Naivaidya is so sweet!
Is Modakeshwari still under interrogation by Indspector Abhay?
Lotsa love to them both!

the mad momma said...

oh.my.god. what a lovely idea and executed so beautifully. you have to stop raising the bar gauri!!!!!!!! your children are so talented and you are a terrific mother. i doff my hat to you.

Tharini said...

Beautifully made clay figurines G. Good handiwork from teh 2 T's. And Modakeshwari gets a big high 5 from me, a fellow Mkeshwari from the yesteryears! :D

mnamma said...

LOL on Modhakeshwari and amazing artwork with play doh!

Dee said...

wow the playdoh Ganesha was awesome...very creative! LOL at Modakeshwari :))

choxbox said...

wow! very nicely made ganeshas. adds so much fun to the day :)

utbtkids said...

There you go with the new nick name!! Modakeshwari, ha, ha, ha.

So Abhay did not eat any modhaks? Poor guy.

I was thinking of introducing make your own Ganesha game for chadhurthi. (May not be for another 3-4 years)

Just Like That said...

Testing times for Modakeshwaris today, I must say. Not only are you not allowed to eat in peace, you are called names also later! LOL!

With all the rest of them, am in awe of your ability to engage your children with simple and yet utterly lovely activities and handiworks.

Squiggles Mom said...

Such a beautiful way to make Ganesha Chaturthi more fun and meaningful to the kids.
I can just imagine poor Aparna being interrupted with her mouth full of modak :)

Poppins said...

Oh.My.God That's all I can say for now. That is just such a cool way to get them involved with the festival spirit. You are one hell of a creative mom !

Itchingtowrite said...

very cute... and loved the hand made rakhi too
\hav u tried mixing the doh to get a variety of colors-- great exercise on blending for kids too.. the blue + yellow cud have given green for the leaf. a cousin of mine said one cud use maida & oil & color to make home made play dohs. that time i remembered your homne made play dos from the last post on play doh

Gauri said...

Trishna : Modaks over and so is the interrogation.

MM : Thanks Dear :-). You are making it difficult for me to hang on to my sense of humility.

T : Modakeshwari ?? U too ?? Hmmm... that's fodder for future use :-) The Ganeshas were crafted out of PlayDoh, T - not clay.

Mnamma, ChoxBox : Thanks :-)

Dee : Thanks :-) and welcome.

UTBTKids : Nope. he did not eat any.

JLT : Testing times indeed !! :-) and thanks.

Squiggles Mom, Poppin : Thanks girls :-)

ITW : Somehow the kids don't like to mix the playdoh up. A wee bit has gotten mixed in but otherwise they don't mix them on purpose. Whatever makes them happy ! And I do remember seeing a recipe for homemade Doh at Sheela's blog.