10 August, 2007

To arbitrate or not to .........

Ever since their school summer break began and both were at home full time, Appu and Abhay were found bickering and squabbling with each other pretty much regularly. The best part is that they could get into a tiff over seemingly nothing. Something as small as an eraser could set it off.

No matter how calmly you try to referee, parenting will eventually produce bizarre behaviour, and I'm not talking about the kids. ~ Bill Cosby

And invariably, Mommy used to have to arbitrate. This went on for a few days and Mommy realised that this constant business of arbitration and mediation would be enough to provide that final push beyond the realms of sanity and make Mommy foray into the as-yet-unexplored orb of insanity.

So, in order to preserve a semblance of sanity, Mommy stepped out of the arbitrator’s shoes. Said she was no longer going to sort out their petty tiffs. If they got into a petty tiff over seemingly nothing just because they thought there was someone around to sort it out – well they were sadly mistaken – cos from now on they would have to do the “sorting out” themselves. The arbitrator was going to step in only when the situation was serious enough.

It is not difficult to picture the situation without a mediator around. That total mayhem, chaos, anarchy, bedlam would reign supreme was an understatement, if ever there was any. The kids yelling at each other, grabbing things from each other, toys and stuffed toys alike flying all over the house like unguided missiles without any specified destination codes, war cries resounding in the household ..... near perfect depiction that !!!

But guess what ?????

When they realised that petty tiffs would have to be sorted out amongst themselves and more importantly, by themselves – things are apparently being viewed differently.

When they listen to songs, the earphones are actually being shared.

While on the PC, they actually take turns.

The other day, they were busy painting suncatchers and they had five tubes of colourful glue to share and – wonder of wonders – not one complaint about one snatching the glue from the other or anything of that kind.

And these are the suncatchers they painted. Appu chose to colour the sailboat and Abhay colored the butterfly.

And the suncatchers are now resting on the window.

This turn of events now has Mommy sincerely wondering as to why the brainwave of shedding the arbitrator's shoes did not cross her her mind much earlier.

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14 voice(s) said so:

Sraikh said...

Ohhh, nice suncatches..
And I cannot wait for school to start, mine seem to be fighting non stop

Just Like That said...

lovely work, Appu and Abhay! and good behaviour too! *Clap clap*:-)

Kodi's Mom said...

gorgeous suncatchers!

and brilliant parenting discovery on your part :)

GettingThereNow said...

You have two budding artists there!

Ang congrats on finding the solution to a tricky situation :)

Something to Say said...

good strategy mommy!!!
and great suncatchers.

Anitha said...

Absolutely gorgeous sun-catchers!

the mad momma said...

arrrggghhh!!! not now please. right now i live in a happy place where i believe mine wont squabble. i dont need a reality check..

seriously though.i am glad they are getting along so well and those sun catchers are gorgeous.

Sunita said...

Thoes suncatchers might have been some work. Beautiful!!!
Btw, Have I mentioned before, I love reading you not just for Abhay & Apu tales, or the smart plans you whip up with the kids but also the way you write it.

Sunshine's Mumma said...

wowwwwwwwww they are beautiful :)and congrats mommy for finding the perfect solution :)

Hip Grandma said...

Madam arbitrator it is good you decided to stay away.you can never arbitrate without one of them accusing you of partiality.

Gauri said...

Sraikh : Thanks. And Good Luck :-)

JLT : Thanks. Hope we aren't speaking too soon in saying "Good Behaviour" :-)

Kodi's Mom, GTN, STS, Anitha, Sunita, Sunshine's Mumma : Thanks. Like the saying goes "Necessity is the mother of invention".

MM : Ooopsie - burst that bubble, did I not ? Hee Haw Haw (that's an evil laugh, BTW). Cos u see - u are the Mad Momma and I am a Mean Momma :-)

HHG : Speaking from experience, I see :-)

karmickids said...

How absolutely delightful, am so impressed by the beautiful suncatchers and wondering when will I ever be able to get brat to sit for more than a minute in a single place...

Lavs said...

Why didn't they have such stuff when I was a kid?Boo boo. Great work by the young ones. Oh, how I envy them!

choxbox said...

love the pic where there is a earphone in each of their ears..