18 August, 2007

The summer holidays have indeed zipped past !!!

The past week or so has seen me strangely listless. Even as I went about my chores, went out to finish off the shopping – this feeling of something weighing me down seemed to be pervading my senses. There was also this strange apathy of sorts, even when it came to my writing or penning down posts. Writing seemed to appear too tiresome. An ennui of a kind. Try as I might, I could not put my finger on what was making me drag my feet – I was totally clueless. But the existence of tedium, a pall of total lethargy and indolence was undeniable.

It sunk in when I started to gather all of Appu’s school stuff to wash, dry and iron the other day. Her PE bag, her painting smock, her school bag – everything that would need to be ready when school starts. And that was when it hit me. I was so not looking forward to the schools reopening. And this is a rather new feeling for me too. Normally, by the time the summer break draws to a close, I would be looking forward to it. But not this time around.

Not that this summer break has been peaceful all the time. The kids have had their share of tiffs, fights over seemingly insignificant stuff and they’ve had their good times too. There have been plenty of times when I’ve felt the need to walk on the ceiling or a great many times when I’ve felt the need to dunk my head in a bucket of water to keep me sane. And again, there have been loads of fun times too – whether were doing craftwork, or playing UNO or just reading together or working on cracking the contents of a new CD-ROM together ......

All in all, it was, in many ways, an idyllic break – a time span that, when encapsulated in its entirety, albeit within one’s heart and mind, would always be treasured. And somehow there is this mad mad need, this totally insane, frenzied desire to seize these moments and store them. To accumulate and create a stockpile of memories.

And I told Aparna as much. That I was not really looking forward to the schools reopening cos I was going to miss having both of them in and around home all day long.

The banter, the fights, the tiffs, the laughter, the sullen faces, the giggles, the sulks, the absolute screams and screeches of delight, the muted sound of tears and sobs.

The mad rush of feet all around the house, the thumps which accompany a fall, the Yeeaaaysss when something is accomplished and the High Fives that follow.

Sounds of the fracas and brawls that I’ve now learnt to associate with territorial issues and possessiveness when it comes to books and the PC, the sweet silence of peace when the very same objects are shared.

Only where children gather is there any real chance of fun. ~ Mignon McLaughlin

The giggles and whispers of co-conspirators which accompany a plot being hatched, the “You’re mean” “Oh You are so mean” flying around in absolute abandon when a little something goes awry with the delicate balance of a subtle equation between the two elements, at times three ;-). If friends are around too, more the merrier.

The boisterous and riotous times which accompany the siblings being hosed down together in the bathtub and the resultant swimming pool that the bathroom turns into.

Small vehicles being left on the carpet or the floor (the result of a hurried tidying up effort after play) which have pretty often served the purpose of a mini skateboard for the chronologically elder humans in the house.

Beds, minutes after being made, turning into a rumpled mass of bedsheets – the result of quite some boisterous rolling around the bed and at times rolling right off it (this is invariably accompanied by a huge thud, after which the bagpipes begin to play). Many a times this involved their friends too, if they had come over.

The many “arty and crafty” endeavors, the attempts to create something out of seemingly nothing. For the most part, we used to end up with disasters but it was such wholesome fun. There used to be cut bits of paper around the room which used to necessitate the use of the vacuum cleaner a second, sometimes even a third time on the same day, bits and parts of the floor messed up with little eeny weeny bits of Play Doh – these formed part of the collateral damage. But what more than made up for these were the giggles, the gluey sticky hands and fingers, PlayDoh under the nails and the chuckles that used to emanate from the fun they were having. And the covert smiles and a sense of achievement when a “project” was completed. And then there were also those short spans of total and earnest concentration when they were riveted on the project on hand, giving it their all.

These and much much more like these are what I’m going to miss terribly once the schools reopen. But then again, schools are pretty much a reality and a very necessary one at that.

I do so hope and pray that they enjoy the coming year at school and overcome handicaps that the past year has posed. I do so hope and pray that the rough edges get smoothened out and facilitate the path towards a process where gaining knowledge, making friends, learning go hand in hand with happiness, contentment and fun.

And needless to say, let the next holidays roll in real real fast – at express speed.

Putting things very simply, like Henny Youngman once said

"What is a home without the children ? Quiet."

Yes. Once the schools reopen, home is going to be a very quiet place indeed.

And like Erma Bombeck had once said, such silence can be absolutely deafening.

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choxbox said...

'And somehow there is this mad mad need, this totally insane, frenzied desire to seize these moments and store them. To accumulate and create a stockpile of memories.'

Lovely gauri. You put it soo well. We have about 4 more weeks to go (hols are from mid-Jul to mid-Sept). Next term my lil one also starts school. Boo hooo. Wish I could slow time down..

- namvor

Just Like That said...

Oh Gauri, you put it all so well- that total chaos that drives you mad when its there and mad when its not there too.
Here's wishing all of you a very happy, productive and enjoyable school year. And here's wishing us lots of reading material too, as a byproduct ;-)

Random Thoughts said...

While the father was hunting and gathering in China, the rest of the family had a nice vacation....so unfair to us men....

Swati said...

Wow ..nice post

Something to Say said...

really??? you wish that school didnt start???
o wow....