01 August, 2007

The Saga of the Chanaa Song ....

It came out of the blue a couple of weeks back.

"I want Chanaa song" said Abhay.

"What was that Abhay ?" asked Mommy

"I want the Chanaa song" came the reply

"Oh God !! Here we go." thought Mommy, to herself.

Especially after the "Mummy is the pig" comment from Abhay, Mommy, at times, is rather confused when it comes to deciding whether to take his queries and comments at face value or whether to dig deeper.

Now when we were in Bombay last, Abhay used to freak out on the Chanaa that is available in every nook and corner there. Especially at my parents' place, there is always a bottle that is kept filled with Chanaa (Roasted Gram) and another filled with Roasted Peanuts.

And whenever we were at my parents' place, invariably, among the first things he would ask for was Chanaa (if the bottle was not right royally handed to him without him even asking for it, that is).

So assuming that the word “song” was just a “red herring addendum” to the word “chanaa”, I went ahead and asked him if he wanted peanuts. And prided myself on the fact that I had baked a whole new batch of masala peanuts just the previous day. For once, I would not have to say “Oh Masala Peanuts – I’ll bake some for you – OK sweetheart ?” Just this once, I thought to myself, he got the timing right. On other occasions, he has this uncanny knack of asking for something just as the levels of that particular something hit rock bottom in its storage container.
So, this time around, I was beaming – feeling pretty pleased. Not that it lasted long.

“I don’t want peanuts. I don’t want masssala peanuts” he said

“I want to listen the Chanaa song” with a rather indignant and piqued look on his face.

"Grown ups never understand anything for themselves, and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explaining things to them."
~Antoine de Saint-Exupery (1900-1944), The Little Prince, 1943

I mean, it is not very difficult to imagine what must have been going through his head. Here he was, asking for a song and then there was his Mommy, who, being the brightest tool in the box there is, offering him peanuts – that too Masala Peanuts.

“Awright – here goes” said Mommy and launched off into the song

“Chanaa Chor Garam Baabu Main Laaya Mazedaar….”

One look at his sufficiently mortified and horrified little face brought the current rendition of Mommy’s infamous musical repertoire to a rather screeching halt !!!

Brows furrowed and that famous index finger pointing at me, a little voice managed to squeak “What’s that ?”. I presume he meant the song which I had been croaking out.

“OK OK – tell me where this song is ?” said Mommy, having not the faintest of ideas as to which song he was referring to.

“Chanaa song on Mummy’s phone” came the reply.

“Ah Haaaa. OK – now we are getting somewhere.” thought Mommy.

And fortunately, Mommy does not have too many songs uploaded into her cell phone.

Thank the Lord for small mercies !!

Whilst wading through the collection of songs on Mommy’s cell phone, when one particular tune started, the little face brightened immeasurably and with that famous index finger pointing towards nothing in particular, he exclaimed with quite obvious delight “That’s it.”

The song the great one had been clamoring for was none other than “Chaand Sifarish” from the movie “Fanaa”.

Why Chanaa song ?

My guess is that he remembered a part of the movie’s name. Whenever we watch a movie he always makes it a point to ask for the name. Probably, he did not remember either the name of the movie or the name of the song in full. Quite possibly, that was what led to this whole mish mash.

Boo wrote about decoding what our children mean when they say something or ask for something and so did Kodi’s Mom. Quite apparently, this saga just does not end at toddlerhood !!!

Do we want it to ?

I, for one, would say NO. It just makes mundane things that much more thought provoking, giving parents a much needed (apparently) mental workout.

Like Clay.P.Bedford once said

“You can teach a student a lesson for a day, but if you can teach him/her to learn by creating curiosity, he/she will continue the learning process for as long as he/she lives”.

Don’t you get the serious feeling that this is precisely what our children are doing to us ?

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14 voice(s) said so:

Just Like That said...

LOL at your post. True- kids do manage to teach us to have a fresh outlook on things all the time. And we learn with pleasure... and share the fun...

Poppins said...

Oh what fun, poppin likes that song too. So he mixed up Chand + Fanaa= Chanaa?

Cute !

WhatsInAName said...

What a sweet game - like dumb charades :)

Something to Say said...

what a cute post...yes looks like our kids want us to be on our toes all the time...literally and figuratively too

Hip Grandma said...

Oh yes children can be our teachers and constantly prove that we grown ups are real hard to teach.Read all the Abhayisms and looking forward to more.

Kodi's Mom said...

from channa song to chaandh sifarish - nice job, Gauri! you're quickly topping decoding expert charts! ;)
and I completely agree - we want more such puzzles to keep the mommy brains ticking :)

Asha said...

Looks like it's high time to get a decoder!

Fuzzylogic said...

Wow,you finally managed to crack the secret code open:)It's true that they keep the mommy brains ticking ,we all can use them:)

NainaAshley said...

LOL. Can totally relate to this and boo's post since I go through this code crackng excersie every day.

the mad momma said...

LOL!!! i'm sorry Gauri but this one's going to keep you mentally fit for a very long time!

karmickids said...

Lovely....Chanaa song....reminds me of the time the brat burst into "aaj ki raat, sona hai kya..." at a family dinner with conservative relatives...and then followed it up with a really obscene Amul Macho undie ad jingle "Yeh to bada toing hai..." and asks me, "Mamma bada toing kahan hai." I died of embarassment.

~nm said...

Hahaha..I just couldn't laughing at your plight in trying to decipher the chanaa err. fanaa song! :D

But way to go for deciperhing it finally!

Swati said...

Hahhaha..Channa Song :D. I was struggling through my songs vocab to find out what can be the 'Channa' song ...Abhay proved me wrong though. Reading all your posts ..I can imagine what will happen when Aryan starts talking :D
As of now its "aattta" for "aaja" (come).

Sunshine's Mumma said...

hahaha..i dunno how i missed this one.. This is soo funny!! I found myself thinking about the Chana song too...the one that i could come up with was srk n madhuri's chane ke khet mein from Anjam!! but this is too cool!!