13 August, 2007

Getting Creative with PlayDoh - Part I

For the most part, the whole of last week was a washout - literally. The skies had opened up and we even had a typhoon visit us on Friday. For those of you wondering whether I am talking about the situation within the house - rest assured - I am not !! This is a very real and actual weather report.

So, with these two busybees cooped up inside the house, something needed to be done.

Voila !!!

Mommy recollected that she had about 4-5 pots of PlayDoh stashed away - precisely for days like these. It is fairly commonplace to hear of people saving for a rainy day but to save pots of PlayDoh for a rainy day ???? !!!!

And after the success we had with the desi version of PlayDough, here's what we came up with using commercial PlayDoh.

"A flower nice and bright, quite unlike the weather outside"

"A clown quite like the two little clowns inside the house"

"A caterpillar - of course !!! Can anything, anything at all be fun without insects around. And see, it smiles too"

"Ah - Metamorphosis !!! Look what the caterpillar morphed into."

"Two monkeys and a bunch of bananas. What a combo."

"Crazy skies and pouring rain.
Sail away, we want to play again"
And for the rain to sail away, we made a sailboat.

And as we sat together and the two of them continued to churn out more ways and means to give vent to and create new things with a few small mounds of dough, I could not help but marvel at the seemingly endless amount of energy that exists in children.

There was quite a bit of disorder, especially when they did not know what to do with a particular bit of dough or ideas got stuck along the way. But, all in all, amidst all that disorder and all that mess which is an integral accompaniment of mounds of PlayDoh and the resultant disarray - there was a noticeable harmony too.

As Arthur Koestler once said

"Creativity is a type of learning process where the teacher and pupil are located in the same individual."

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13 voice(s) said so:

Lavs said...

Your kids are extremely talented. God bless them!I am going to remember all this when I have kids.

Something to Say said...

good stuff kids!
Psst Gauri - i have lots of pots of play doh - but sonny just tosses the dough around. Any tips on how to get him interested in it?

mommyof2 said...

thats what going on here but not as neat as yours;-)Everytime we open the playdoh both of them wants to make caterpilller too:-)

Sunita said...

Very very pretty!! Keep going guys

Itchingtowrite said...

. i am waiting for them to grow up a bit . more so becoz i want to do the dough!!
suncatchers also v good! artistic talent !!

DotMom said...

you have a sculptor on your hands. loved the koestler quote :)

Hip Grandma said...

creative best,I must say.And they actually kept themselves busylucky you!

Just Like That said...

Desi dough was good enough, commercial Doh went several steps better. Wow! Ra ra.. Ga ga.. Clap clap!
And Sonny boy still finds it more fun to roll them on the carpet! :-(

Gauri said...

Lavs : Thank you. And when the kids are working on the Playdoh do remember to sit with them and have fun with the Doh too :-)

STS : Abhay has just started to show interest in actually "making" something with Doh. Earlier on Doh was something to press ones fingers into. Period !!

Mommy of 2 : It's neat cos the Art Director (yours truly) was sitting and creating shapes with the Doh too. But to even out the edges and smoothen out the whole thing try giving the kids a katori and teach them to use the flat side to smoothen the surfaces and edges. Works like a charm.

Sunita : Thanks

ITW : u bet. End of the day I dont know who has more fun with the Doh - the kids or the parents :-). I sure love Doh.

Dotmom : Thanks

HHG : Eeps !! Sorry if I gave you the impression that they happily sat around with the Doh and came up with these. I think there's still a long way to go before that happens :-) I was sitting with them throughout. But the "lucky you" part is true - cos I got to play with the Doh as well :-)

JLT : Thanks. When Abhay was a lot littler we just rolled the whole carpet up and it went into hibernation. He's just begun to show some "creative" interest in Doh and stuff. So - just wait - it'll come :-)

choxbox said...

very very nice gauri.


Sunshine's Mumma said...

Wow beautiful!! the flower and the caterpillar are my favorite!! and the boat and the sea!! how creative!!I cant wait for Aadya to grow up

Mystic Margarita said...

Delurking here! Love your posts - you have two super-talented and creative kids, Gauri. I love all of their play doh creations, specially the caterpillar and the flower.

Tharini said...

this was awesome stuff Gauri. Just awesome. Loved all the colourful ideas. Can't wait to try. Am linking this to my crafts section.