04 July, 2007

The summer holidays are here ........

29th June 2007
12.30 p.m

Abhay stands guard near the open front door, waiting for Appu to come home. He’s already seen her schoolbus from the living room window and knows that she’ll be home any moment.

The naughty look of anticipation and that toothy grin playing on that little face was something to behold.

“What is coming ?” he asks

“Not 'what' Abhay. You must say “Who is coming ?” says Yours Truly

Then - the moment of truth ..........

Aparna walks in, sporting a huge grin on her face.

“Hi Aparnaaaaaa” says Abhay sporting an equally wide grin on his face.

And then he kind of walks over to her and pats her hand twice (I guess in an attempt to make sure that she is indeed back home earlier than usual and that she is no illusion) and that grin widens.

(*sigh*) What a scene. (*Sniffle Sniffle*) . So touching, is it not ???

Ever heard of the adage – The Calm Before the Storm ??

That was precisely what it was. A couple of hours, max, before the storm makes landfall, was what I had predicted.

Well, did not have to wait that long !!

“Mummmmeeeeeeeeeeeee – Abhay’s not letting me read my book”

“Aparna don’t want to read book.”

“Oh really ?? By the way, did I ask you ?”


A while later, they were found tussling over Lego Blocks. I just left them that way – tussling and squabbling over precious little plastic Lego Blocks.

Dared to peep in a while later and found them assembling the very same treasured Lego Blocks that they had been fighting over earlier. Scooted off on the double, before either one of them could spot me peeping in – lest they take it as a warrant to start complaining and telling on each other !!

Quite apparently, there had been some harmony to the assembling process because I found the “objects d’ art” scattered and strewn all over the house later on. Stepped on a few blocks which had been discarded on the floor. Managed to get pictures of some others which were at a safer height.

Later in the evening, Appu went off to her friend’s house to play and Abhay was looking rather sad and pitiful with no one to bicker or quarrel with. The very same toys that had been the objects of a fracas and tussling earlier in the afternoon, were lying around, sorely neglected. Abhay then proceeded to gather all the toys up and stack them all in the toy shelf.

Wow !! I thought to myself. If this was the case, then maybe, just maybe, I should start sending Appu to her friend's place for a while everyday.

Mommy just could not stand that forlorn look on his face and mommy and Abhay ended up in the park with his bike. Fortunately for us, the rains had stopped for a while and aside of a few puddles, he could bike around comfortably fast. After a while, he hopped off the bike and started to jump and hop in the puddles, getting his shoes, socks and feet soaking wet.

And mommy was rewarded with plenty of irate, annoyed and disgusting looks from the other moms around. I mean, just how can you let your child jump into a pool of clear water ?? That too, rain water ?? Much to their consternation, not only was mommy letting him jump around in the puddles, mommy was actually egging him on.

The disgusting looks that were thrown mommy’s way were not because the water was splashing on anyone there, but because of the fact that, for the most part, children here are brought up on leashes. And activities like jumping in puddles is a humungous No No.

While the onlookers were probably pitying Abhay for having a mommy who was sacrilegious, he was having a whale of a time.

Things like getting drenched in the rain, jumping into puddles, walking barefoot on grass ………these are the little, diminutive pleasures of life. And the abundance of delight and relish that the little faces light up with whilst enjoying these modest elements of fun is something one can bask in, for eternity. Time seems to stand still at moments like these. It is almost as if children and nature are in complete harmony with each other and the resultant synchrony gets snapped up in the mind’s eyes – recorded forever.

30th June 2007

Saturday was a complete washout. It was as though the heavens had opened up. It was relentlessly pouring tigers and elephants and the wild animals raining from the sky effectively wiped out any attempts, albeit feeble, to venture out to play.

1st July 2007

Sunday was the 10th anniversary of Hongkong’s handover to China. We spent the day at the Hongkong Museum of History, learning (or rather trying to) a few things about erstwhile HK. All I managed to do though was run after and just about manage to keep an eye on Abhay – who incidentally was hell bent on scurrying in and out of passageways and alleys and stairwells and rooms. The entire museum was akin to one big maze for Mr.Exasperation who did his enterprising best and immensely succeeded in living up to his name. Mr.Exasperation was exasperation personified !!!!

We also caught a couple of short movies about HK’s history and about early China and how Hongkong came to be. Very interesting and very informative. While Appu was busy absorbing a lot of information from the movies, Mr.Exasperation was busy figuring out why the theater seat folded up when he was not perched on it and why it did turn into a proper seat once he was steadily perched on it. I don’t know if he figured out that one and I did not dare ask !!!!!

Been about five days since Aparna’s summer break began. Abhay still has a couple more weeks of schooling to go before they start their summer break. And in the space of this past one week, I have not managed to get a single post done :-) That one does not take much figuring out, does it ?

It sure promises to be an extremely eclectic summer break.

A summer break which might have seemingly equal measures of joy, delight, thrill, a bit of adventure, squabbles, tiffs, disputes, lassitude, tears, complaints, grumbles, hugs, laughter, amusement, mirth, glee ........ All rolled into one.

And by the time this summer break is through and school resumes, mommy expects to have greyed rather exponentially.

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10 voice(s) said so:

Itchingtowrite said...

wow, love the lego models.. wish my children wud get started on their soon. for the time being they just hold it and throw it around

Asha said...

"Summer holidays for the kids", you mean. I see that you will have to wait for them to restart school to do some holidaying.. :)
Anyway, enjoy the days with kids at home.

Orchid said...

Haha!! thinking of mommy's greys!!..don't worry you will survive!

Hip Grandma said...

I see that your hands are full and they are likely to remain so for the next few weeks.Enjoy this phase while you can.I'd give anything to get back my children in their pre teens.

karmickids said...

What beautiful lego creations. Can I borrow Abhay to teach the brat that these are what LeGo blocks are meant for, and not to pelt mamma with? Anyway, I guess you and I are the last of moms who actively encourage the kids to play in rainwater. I actually had a mom tell me I was being irresponsible...

Sunita said...

:) Lovely lego models. Btw, at what age do children actually get interested in them? I know Joyce has a long way to go, but would help pick them as gifts for nieces and nephews.

Moppet's Mom said...

Good for you and Abhay, splashing around in the park!

I've heard about this straitlaced attitude in HK from an aquaintance who lives there too.

Apparently she and her husband talk to their 4 year old daughter only in English, because her school has warned them that if children speak in any other 'native' language, they will be 'disciplined'!!!! This is because HK parents are worried that their children's English will be corrupted by the influence of various native languages that other school children may speak in school!

Mini post, I know, sorry - am off to jump in some puddles myself now!

~nm said...

Hey your kids are a pro or what at lego models? They look awesome! It was raelly a good thing that you clicked pics! They will be a good memory!

And last but not the least, you write good man! It was amusing reading the post with smile not leaving my face for even 1 second.

Gauri said...

ITW : Throwing them around is very much part of the game :-))) Abhay used to do that a lot and it took quite a lot of patience (a virtue that I sorely lack) to teach him to fix them. Now he's Appu's apprentice when it comes to making these models.

Asha : :-) Thanks.

Orchid : Thanks for the vote of confidence. :-) If not anything else, atleast I can count on my hair stylist's blessings the next time I see her.

HHG : Couple of my colleagues (erstwhile) told me the same thing - they'd give anything to get their kids back to the pre-teen phase. In fact, one of them even went to the extent of saying "Let's swap kids. I'll Fedex mine across to you" :-)

Kiran : Thanks dear. It's Appu you should be borrowing actually. Abhay still, at times, though pretty rare now, has the tendency to throw a couple of blocks around. He mainly does it when he really feels the need to "get" to me.
About the puddle splashing - I too sincerely wonder, at times .... just left a comment on SM's blog too .... on the same issue.

Sunita : Thanks :-) We introduced both our kids to Lego blocks when they were around 2. If not models, they do learn to fix blocks and stack them - helps motor coordination.

Moppet's Mom : "Straitjacketed" would be my description. Would love to know more about your acquaintance here cos u got me wondering if it is someone I know.

~nm : Welcome and Thanks.
Nope - not pros. But we do have a 7 1/2 year old daughter who puts her wild imagination to very good use and has a good apprentice in her 4 year old brother.

Kodi's Mom said...

hey, so the fireworks display is over already..can we see some pics from your apt window??

and the two are creative as heck...!