10 July, 2007

Mummy is the Pig !!!!

Was blog hopping this afternoon and a little voice chimed in

“I’m a Spider”.

"Is that so ? So you’re a Spider today huh ?" I asked

“Yea, Abhay is a Spider and Mummy is a Pig” came the reply

"The spider want to sit on the pig".

I kind of had a fog swirling around me right then. A very nice kind of fog – the fuzzy, dreamy kind of fog. Because I was sitting there, all content with looking at The Niagara Falls and The Big Apple through Tharini’s latest post.

“Mummy is the Pig” said the little voice once again.

A bit of what he said, a little something did manage to find its way through that dreamy haze because it did make the curtains go up on the post that I was reading. Reality permeated the dreamy haze and I came back to real time with a resounding thud.

“A Pig ??” I squealed, watching to see whether that naughty twinkle was evident in his eyes.

But no – he was totally serious.

"Is this some new way of giving people a compliment ?" I remember thinking and asking myself. "Something that the younger generation has conjured up, of late ?"

But from the looks of him, a compliment seemed to be the last thing on his mind right then.

“A Pig ?? As in a Oinky Pig ??” I asked him.

And all I got in return was a huge smile and an equally earnest nod of his head.

“A pig and a spider”?

What on earth could he be talking about, I wondered.

Trying to clear the confusion a bit, I asked him whether he, the spider, had a name.

“Yea – my name is Charlick” he said.

Nope – did not strike any key. Was just as blank as I had been when he first called me a pig.

“Do I have a name ?” I asked him.

“Mummy’s name is Gauri” he replied, with an equally nonplussed look.

“No No No” I said

“Yea – Mummy name Gauri” he said

In as calm a voice as I could muster right then, I asked him

“Does the piggy have a name ?”

“Mummy is piggy” he said

“Yes Abhay – I am a piggy."
(I don’t believe I said that, but I did. And I so wanted to get to the bottom of this mystery. As the saying in Hindi goes – Majboori ka naam Mahatma Gandhi.)

“So what are you going to call this piggy ?” I asked him, pointing to myself.

“Piggy is Wilder” came the reply. The pronounciation was what helped. The WIL was pronounced the in the same manner as one would say WILL and not WILE. WILLDER !!

Haaa Haaaa !!!! Realisation Dawns !!!!!!

Charlick is not Charlick but Charlotte
Wilder is not Wilder but Wilbur !!!!

CHARLOTTE’S WEB !!!!! by E.B White

(Picture courtesy Google)

My ham-handed approach (pardon the pun) towards resolving the “mystery of the pig” seemed to be heading somewhere, after all.

Some more queries later, the great one chose to enlighten me with the fact that they had indeed been watching Charlotte’s Web at school today morning.

Oh, and by the way, that piggy (I mean Wilbur) does look kinda cute, right ??

Atleast, in the light of what transpired above, I sure would like to think so !!!!!

Oink !!! Oink !!! ;-)

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20 voice(s) said so:

Just like that said...

hahahahaha LOLZ. the pig is cute,ma'am, and sure has a wonderful sense of humour, and a lovely son.

namvor said...

that was so funny!

btw thats a lovely book isnt it? what was your son's reaction to the story? a friend of mine refused to take her kid to the movie bcoz she felt the kid would stop eating meat if she saw it!

my daughter was given it for her 6th bday and read it up the next day despite my telling her not to before i 'reviewed' it. was in tears at the end and just kept repeating 'the spider died mamma' between sobs. i was clueless abt who on the earth the spider was as i hadnt read the book. then she picked up a paper and announced that she would write an article about why people shouldnt kill animals and publish it and that people would read it and understand why they shouldnt be cruel to animals (i managed not to smile). wrote 2 lines about how animals also have feelings etc and that was the end of it. we watched the movie recently - quite nicely adapted i would say.

~nm said...

I just can't help laughing! It was so funny! especially the way you described it! Hehehe..the kids these days..I tell you!

Poppins said...

Cute ! I like the way you keep the suspense going Gauri. Very fun !

Kodi's Mom said...

he speaks puzzle-tongue these days!! must give you a nice mental workout...and yes indeed, the "pig" is cute!

Kowsalya Subramanian said...

The "pig" is cute and humorous too :)

Moppet's Mom said...

Haw haw haw! I would never have guessed! And here I am thinking that as Moppet grows older and speaks more clearly I would actually start understanding her... guess not!

Swati said...

OMG..it is so hilarious.I am laughing loud..:)

Swati said...
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Gauri said...

JLT : Thanks :-)

Namvor : He's not seen the whole movie. They've been able to watch about half an hour or so. Am planning to get the DVD home.

~nm : Thanks :-)

Poppins Mom : Thanks :-) Suspense ? Me ? Gee !!!

Kodi's Mom : Puzzle tongue - yep that's an optimistic way of looking at the situation :-) He rather meant it straight out - he was not speaking in puzzle terms. I guess, he had not caught on to the name of the movie and that led to the whole confusion. OTW, he comes and tells me that they watched Mr. Bean at school or Stuart Little at school. This time around, he'd not gotten the name of the movie and mommy darling ended up a pig :-)
But yes, it was good mental exercise for me :-))

Kowsalya : Thanks :-)

Moppet's Mom : Just you wait :-))

And for all of you who said that the "pig" is cute, here's a loud Oink Oink ;-) Thank you, says the piggy.

Gauri said...

Swati : Thanks :-) and since I've made quite a few of you laugh your heads off (hopefully), I shall go ahead and consider my good deed for the day done !! ;-)

Something to Say said...

that is so cute.....at least you got to the bottom of it all.....and it was rather sweet his motives for calling you a pig...sweet...

the mad momma said...

ohmigod.. i think we got a mental workout too!!!! he's such a bright little button...

The Inquisitive Akka said...

PIG- Pretty Indian Girl :)

WhatsInAName said...

Oh yes!
The piggy is surely cute :)

Anitha said...

LOL... The way you had written it, keeping the suspense is so nice... Looking forward to these days from my little one as he grows up..

Twisted DNA said...

hahaha! Hilarious. Are we allowed to call you that from now on? :P Sorry had to say that.

"(Picture courtesy Google)"
You sure? Or did google just help you find it? If you want to credit, you might want to credit the real owner of the content.

Gauri said...

Something to Say : Hmmm .... Food for Thought .... his motives :-) Thanks :-)

MM : Thanks :-) I am quite at my wit's end trying to conjure up things and activities to keep this "bright little button" occupied during the holidays !

Inquisitive Akka : Welcome Back and Thanks :-)

WhatsinaName : Thanks :-)

Anitha : Welcome and Thanks :-) Hope to see you around more often.

Twisted DNA : You do have a point, I admit. But yes, Google did help me find the picture (thats why it is called a search engine right :-)
And I don't have the time to dig any deeper to see where the pic originally came from. And again, without verifying things, I definitely would not like to link back to any site from my blog. So for now, "picture courtesy Google" would have to do.

Sunita said...

ha ha ha ..I loved it ..Oink Oink ;)

Kusum Rohra said...


I hope when I do have kids and when they go call me a pig or an equally amusing creature, I have the patience like you to crack the mystery instead of giving him one chamaat :)