27 July, 2007

A hefty dose of "Abhayisms"

There was a pretty bad thunderstorm one afternoon.

On hearing the sound of thunder, Abhay came running with both his hands on either side of his face and said

"Oh My Gott !! That's a big thunder".

A while later, it started raining too. A very heavy downpour.

This time around, Abhay, who had been sticking his hand out of the window, came over running and said

"Mummy It is Storming outside".

The other day he was eating an icecream cone and the icecream started to melt and flow down one side of the cone.

Abhay came running over with his eyes as big as saucers saying

"Uh Oh ........ I'm melting".

A few days back, after he had just had his shower, Abhay was heard saying

"There is my eyes in the water. There is my ears in the water."

I don't really have to translate that one, do I ?

The first couple of times Abhay's eyes had "magically" started to water, he had been utterly confused.

That was when we introduced him to the connection between onions being cut in the vicinity and eyes watering. So now, he's quite a pro at it. Eyes start to water, he comes around seeking confirmation that the onions are indeed the culprit.

The other day Mommy was peeling a particularly mean batch of shallots in the kitchen when, quite apparently, Abhay's eyes must have started to smart.

He tottered over to the kitchen with a tissue on both his eyes (special effects really work - they help drive the point right home), peeked in, peeled a little bit of the tissue off one eye and said

"Mummy cutting the onions ?"

Mommy answered in the affirmative and feeling a wee bit sorry for him, what with the tissue covered eyes and all, asked him if there was water in his eyes.

"Mummy cutting the onions. My eyes are feeling sad"
came the reply.

Yesterday, as Mommy was giving Abhay his shower, something went slightly awry with the water taps and the water in the shower was .... well ..... unpleasantly warm.

Pat came the statement "The water is hot"

immediately followed by another statement

"Mummy put the AC. The water will get cold".

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10 voice(s) said so:

Ardra said...

so utterly charming...loved that one abt abhay's eyes feeling sad when mommy is cutting onions ...

karmickids said...

Oh Mein Gott, that is a bratism too! Do you think they have some German connection we arent aware of? Absolutely adorable post....

Just Like That said...

hahahaha hilarious post. Abhay is absolutely cute!

WhatsInAName said...

awwwww shuch a shweet posht!
Enjoy the days of innocence :)

Itchingtowrite said...

so cute!! the objective of communication is to make the other party understand. he is doing pretty fine ... on the indian play dough.. i did a post just now on creative play...coincidence??

Lavs said...

I always look forward to "Abhayisms".

Something to Say said...

o these kids!!! damn sweet post!

NainaAshley said...

Very adorable post. Had fun reading it

Sunita said...

:) ha ha ha ..smart boy!!

Moppet's Mom said...

Abhay rocks! :-)