25 July, 2007

Fun with Play"dough" !!!

Could an activity as routine and humdrum as the making of dough for rotis well turn into something creative and interesting ?

Sure !! Why ever not ??

The way I'm saying this, one would feel that I normally dish out creative wonders with roti dough.

Hah !!! Far from it !!! Very far !!!

On last Sunday morning, as I got the dough ready, I was kind of lost in my own world. Thinking not of anything in particular but thoughts kind of drifting, wandering ....... The kind of little migrant thoughts that unfurl and twirl almost lazily from all corners of the mind. The little nomadic imaginings, which, over a pretty short span of time, lull and encapsulate and drag one into an ostensibly serene state of inactivity.

So that was where I was ...... in a stupor of sorts with that comfortable buzz of sounds and activity registering somewhere in the back of my soporific mind. Sounds, the resonance and reverberation of which indicated towards two little heads, four active little arms and four coltish legs Рa rather delightful m̩lange with the occasional shriek of delight, the intermittent squeal of amusement thrown in for good measure.

And it was from this faraway land that I noticed two little black spots staring at me. And those two little black spots seemed to grow larger by the second.

Coming back to the present with a thud, I realised that Abhay was giving me rather curious looks. And then, once realisation dawned that mommy was indeed fully awake, I heard him say

“Want to make something with chapatti maavu .”

“And why not ?”
I thought to myself.

By then, Appu's creative aptitude had kicked in too.

We got to work. And gave vent to creativity with a ball of dough.

And this was the end result ........

A very doughy snowman :-) !!!

And, it would be very unfair on my part if I were to omit the fact that it was such fun.

In the process of making the snowman, the nose used to fall off or one or more of the buttons came off. Once, there was total mirth around when the head rolled off the body of the snowman.

A ball of the usual "run of the mill" dough turned out to be the source of much exuberance and merriment. Pardon the pun there !!

Incentive enough, for a few bottles of food coloring to be picked up from Bombay when we visit next.

And after all that art and craft activity, colorful rotis would be pretty much fun to consume too :-)

So, Desi Play”dough” anyone ??? !!!!

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10 voice(s) said so:

Hip Grandma said...

Creative best I must say.My daughter makes mickey mouse dosais for my grAand daughter but this must have included the children as well'read your post on live and let live.Couldn't agree more.

Kodi's Mom said...

cute and creative as always :)
btw, like the new header!

Something to Say said...

o good job!! gave me loads of ideas to keep my lil one occupied. he hated the market play doh - maybe he'll like this one...

Moppet's Mom said...

Ah, reminded me of my own childhood - we use to play with atta dough all the time. Fun times.

~nm said...

Haha..good good. My son always awnts to play with the roti dough but somehow I never let him. Why? Because I feel it would be wasted. :P

I guess I should think about it i.e letting him play with it.

Just Like That said...

Have never sat with Sonny boy and made things together out of chap maavu, tho' he sits by my side and makes his stuff with the dough sometimes, while I roll out the chaps.
Guess more fun times are in order.

The Inquisitive Akka said...

And did you try putting chappati maavu snow man on the tava?Did he melt :)

SUR NOTES said...

i have been trying to get my 23 month old to do such creative things for months now. every attempt ends with her trying to eat the damn thing!
oh when will she get this into her head- dough can be fun -and not when you eat it raw!!!

Gauri said...

HHG : Thanks :-) Mickey Mouse dosais sure sound interesting too :-)

K's Mom : Thanks and Thanks :-)

STS : Yeah. Try it out. Nothing to lose. Or looking at it optimistically - a "win win" situation.

Moppet's Mom : Et tu ? Why is it that I'm not surprised ? :-))

~nm : I don't waste the dough at all. I just ensure that they wash their hands thoroughly before they let loose their artistic inclinations on the dough. Once they are thru, the dough gets used to make rotis - as was meant to be :-)

JLT : U bet !! Sky is the limit :-)

IA : Nope. We did not place the snowman on the tava else one of the bright tools would have sure remarked that the "snowman's bum got burnt".

Sur : I'd say - just let her. Even if she eats the dough raw - don't actively stop it - if its OK with you, that is. Cos many a times, the more we say not to do something, that is precisely what those little minds get set on doing.
Try a little reverse psychology :-)

Lavs said...

Such artistic family. Also saw in your profile page that your interests include philately. Some pointers in that direction?