17 July, 2007

Begun with a Bang !!!!

Oh sure !! Abhay’s summer holidays have begun at long last – and that too with a bang !!

Yesterday night saw elevated body temperature levels and the beginnings of what was to turn into a pretty nasty cough. Sure enough, mommy opened up the bar so that he could have a shot of his Tequila Sunrise. The bar, for those of you who were not aware of the fact, does indeed hold items of medicinal value. So does the bar at our house. And it opens up only on occasions when one of the minors is unwell. The rest of the time, the children are pretty much teetotals. The Tequila Sunrise held up till about 1.30 am and then his body caved in once again to the onslaught of the invading bacteria. Another peg – Vodka this time around which lulled him into deep sleep. Also brought the temperature down.

Today morning, which incidentally happens to be the first day of his summer holidays, saw a very dismal and piteous looking Abhay walking out of the bedroom. Still groggy from the Vodka, sunken eyes which had none of that usual mischevious twinkle in them, little feet that were dragging themselves around the floor – the works, basically !!!

He even let Mommy brush his teeth without a whimper. Did not even ask to hold the toothbrush once. Hmmm ...... Things were not looking good at all.

So the first day of the summer hols, a bright sunny day, saw Abhay and Mommy take an outing – to the pediatrician’s office. Once there, much to his dismay, the usual bunch of nurses (the ones who play with him and the ones who get showered by a lot many charming smiles from him) were missing – apparently they were on leave. So then, poor Abhay had to fall back on Plan B – count tubelights in the ceiling of the doctor’s office or have Mommy read him a book – both plans looked equally glummy.

Once we met up with the doctor, disaster struck once again. She’d run out of chewy candies and all the kids were being offered little jelly cups. Jelly cups which would have to wait until they were within the safe confines of one’s home, to be consumed. No mother would dare hand a open jelly cup without a spoon to any of the kids – not without being prepared to run the risk of having to wipe and mop the floor and the sofas in the doctor’s office. And no – the doctor was not supplying spoons. Bless her !!

Oh !! What a day this was turning out to be !!

Once back home – lunch got done and over with – only to be followed by a “throw upping” session.

Once tummy settled down a bit – mommy turned up with medicines. And the way Abhay looked at the medicines, judging by the quantity there was – he sure seemed to be wondering if Mommy was getting him to drink medicine or soup.

The medicines began to work their charm on him and in a while, he seemed to get somewhat chipper and chirpy. And in celebration of the same, he decided to stash the pencil eraser into his toy minibus. In the process, the right index finger (pointer) got right royally stuck between the door and main body of the minibus. Result – a mildly crushed and skinned pointer (index finger – that is).

Mommy put some soothing ointment on his finger and followed it up with a bandaid (by popular demand) and the chirpiness seemed to return in a while. Just as he deemed it fit to move on and get active again, he stepped onto one of his toy cars that was lying on the floor.

“My foot got hurt” claimed an extremely exasperated, now crabby and cranky Abhay.

Once we got over that crisis, his remote controlled car would just not work.

Giving up on the car with an extremely baleful glance at it, he turned his attention to a couple of Oreos that Appu handed him. Opened up the Oreos only to realise that the cream would just not budge. What impudence !! The sheer audacity on the part of the cream on the Oreo !! How dare it !!!

That was the last straw that about broke the camel’s back. And the little camel, tired by it all, chose to give in to the slumber that had been threatening to claim him for a while now.

And now for the icing on top of the cake .......

Instead of sitting with him and crooning over him and droning all his woes away by saying “You poor baby” over and over again – this bright tool in the box that happens to be his Mommy is actually sitting and blogging about it all.

(*sigh*) Abhay’s cup of woes sure brimmeth over !!!!

And, oh yeah, here's a picture of the bar. With all the vodkas, the tequilas, the gins, the rums and the shot glasses !!!!

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14 voice(s) said so:

Itchingtowrite said...

ooh so sad.. the finger getting hurt, the temp.. hope he is gettingbetter

karmickids said...

What a well stocked bar. Hope he's better now...

Just Like That said...

LOL at the Momma blogging instead of attending to the invalid
Hope he's better now.
That bar sure is well stocked and colorful!

Asha said...

What a day! I just hope that Abhay is getting better. Holidays are definitely not to be wasted like this.

the mad momma said...

oh dear.. what a terrible way for holidays to begin.. well the bright side is that they can only get better from here on!

Kodi's Mom said...

this is like the hand wax trick. I was totally cheering you for giving him tequila till you spoilt it with the picture.
oh well.

WhatsInAName said...

Oh!!!! Some days are horrid!

Heres wishing Abhay a speedy recovery, then fun-filled vacations and Mom happy blogging :)

Sujatha said...

Gauri, hope he's feeling better now, the poor thing.

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.

SUR NOTES said...

oh how awful. hope the finger and fever is better. and happy holidays!

NainaAshley said...

Hope your little one feels better.... must be disappointed that his first day of vacation turned out this way.

Gauri said...

ITW, Kiran, JLT, Asha, MM, Kodi's Mom, WhatsinaName, Sujatha, Sur, NainaAshley : Thanks all for your wishes. We do so want to see him back in action too. He's just added a crushed big toe as well to his existing list of woes, yesterday.

Sujatha, Sur : Welcome and hope to see you around more often.

Fuzzylogic said...

Aww..hope the little guy is feeling better soon. Aren't you glad you have such a well stocked bar and a colorful one at that too:)

Usha said...

Poor little guy. I hope he is better now. Are you really saying that tequlla and vodka help ease the fever? or are they euphemisms for some medicines of the same colour? I am a bit outdated when it comes to modern medicines for children etc you see...

Gauri said...

Fuzzy : If it would do them any better, I would dispose off the colorful bar without a second thought :-)

Usha : Tequila and Vodka for fever. Usha that's my quacky sense of humour for you. And for that matter, I dont even know what colours these are - cos am a teetotaller.