06 July, 2007

Antsy around Ants !!!!!!!!

Happened today morning.....

Appu was busy with the project of finding pencils to sharpen. And that was when, I guess, she happened to glance at Abhay's alphabet book which was lying on the ledge. Now the ledge primarily houses a large aquarium and a multitude of plants. In effect, it is our little greenhouse.

Since summer began, ants have been seeking refuge from the heat and have ended up among the potted plants. And since they are the harmless small black ants, we decided that we could co-exist with them. Just as long as they don't harbor any plans of harming us in any way, they could dwell happily in the soil.

Now, I guess there are some very curious ants too. And they had apparently been running over Abhay's alphabet book.

Appu, who had been sorting pencils, stopped dead in her tracks and completely lost track of what she had been doing. When I looked in, she seemed to be in a trance of sorts, staring in abject fascination at Abhay's alphabet book. And since I could not see the eeny weeny ants from that distance, I presumed that it was the book which was the object of her fascination. Did not really make any sense to me !!

When she saw me around, she suddenly sprung into action, exclaiming quite animatedly

"Mummeeee there are ants all over Abhay's book".

"See here, see there, see there ......... oh oh they are everywhere."

Infinitely wise mother that I am, I told her to just use a tissue to get them off the book and onto the ledge so that they could find their way back into the cold confines of the flowerpots.

Now, Appu is one person who is extremely antsy around ants. She does not want to have anything to do with them. If she had her way, she would probably not even be in the same room, let alone get them off the book with a tissue !!!

And Yours Truly had to do the honours !!!

And after all the little "icky" ants (as Appu puts it) had disappeared - in all probability out of sheer fright from the humungous giant who wiped them off the book - Appu says .....

"Next time onwards Mummy, why don't you put mosquito repellent on the books as well ? That way, the ants won't get on the books right ?"

Oh !!! Thank you Einstein !!!!!!

Mosquito repellent on books, for crying out loud !!!!!

What in the name of God should I expect next ????

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5 voice(s) said so:

Hip Grandma said...

I hate ants myself.i don't blame appu.

Orchid said...

LOL!....loved the "antsy" story!

Usha said...

Books repellent on ants, perhaps??

WhatsInAName said...


I dont mind ants but I simply want nothing to do with cockroaches and lizards!!!

Loved Ushas suggestions :)

Itchingtowrite said...

cute.. studious ants!