27 June, 2007

The Little Alarm Clock !!

Since the school term is drawing to a close, Abhay is well on his way towards waking up in the mornings at all insane hours (insane, according to the other sane people in the house, that is).

Weekdays see him up around 6 am and needless to say, I don’t need an alarm clock these days. I mean the kind that go “Beep Beep”. Cos I have an alarm clock that walks in and keeps tapping at me till I wake up. If the tapping does not work (just in case mom happens to be sleeping as though someone knocked her on the head with something really heavy) there is always the eye poking. Sureshot success that !!!!

Come weekends, the little alarm clock gets up anywhere between 5 am – 5.30 am. Instinct sure tells me that the going is just about to get better, once the summer school break begins.

The little alarm clock also loves to wake up Daddy. In fact, it is something he just “has” to do on weekends.

It all starts with a small voice saying “Daddy please wake up”. Next move - on to tickling Daddy. Then onto climbing all over Daddy. By which time Daddy normally wakes up and the tickling session and the pillow throwing and the quilt wrapping that follows is totally noisy, boisterous and riotous. Needless to say, the aftermath as regards the pillows, quilts and bedsheets is akin to the scenes one witnesses after a typhoon .

Last weekend, try as he might, Daddy was not paying any heed to the little alarm clock’s wake up calls. Daddy was fast asleep, or so the little alarm clock thought. The little alarm clock came running to me and insisted that I go with him to help wake up Daddy.

“There’s Daddy. Go wake him up.” I told the little alarm clock.

“That’s not Daddy” said the little alarm clock.

“Then who is that ?” I asked the little alarm clock

“That is Vic” said he.

“Who is Vic ?” I asked him, falling for it Hook, Line and Sinker …

“Vic is a sleepyhead” came the reply.

Huh ???? !!!!!

In fact, the little alarm clock is putting a nursery rhyme to good use in this context to irritate Aparna to no end. Mornings, when she tells me she wants so sleep for five more minutes, the little alarm clock sings out loudly to her

A birdie with a yellow bill
Sat upon the window sill
Cocked his shiny head and said
Wake up Wake up Sleepyhead !!

The look on Appu's face, at such moments, is unquestionably murderous and hilariously invaluable !!!

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11 voice(s) said so:

Poppins said...

What a cute poem ! Altho' it must not be amusing to be prodded in the eye at 5:30 am :)
My sis is not longer in HK :( She moved out a few years back to the US

Sunita said...

What a creative little boy you have :).

Gauri said...

Poppins : It most definitely is not amusing - being woken up at unearthly hours with or without the eye prodding ceremony.
Uh Oh !! I did catch the past tense in your earlier comment when you said your sis "was" in HK but was hoping she'd still be in HK.

Sunita : Best part of the whole story - this nursery rhyme is actually slightly different. Dunno the exact words - have to check with the kids. But Aparna was the one who taught Abhay this modified version so that he could use it for waking up Daddy and now look what's happened. She's at the receiving end !!!

Praba said...

Funny! Abhay sure is a bundle of energy! Think about all the batteries you're saving now that you don't need a real alarm clock..:-) That's good for the environment, isn't it?
I've two little alarm clocks that race against each other to beep first in the morning!! :-)

Asha said...

the poem is definitely cute.
i go mad when someone tries to wake me up early in the morning for no reason. i just love sleeping. hhmmm...

Tharini said...

Didn't know Abhay already had a job description to go with his title of Mr. Exasperation. Maybe you and Vic should sleep in hiding and cover up your regular bed with sleeping pillow forms. ;)

utbtkids said...

OMG, toddler does the same and when I crib to my mother, she said with a rather sly laugh that I used to do tha to my mother....blah...blah...blah...what goes around comes around...blah...blah...blah :(

So were you like that Gauri?

Swati said...

Hey..First time on your page and loved it...will keep coming back.

The poem was sure very cute..:)

Gauri said...

Praba : :-)))))) Trust you to put a positive spin on something as irritating as being woken up at unearthly hours. I never looked at it that way - till you pointed it out to me - that I won't need batteries :-)) I love your positive attitude.

Asha : Just you wait till ZumZum gets here and then ..... Ha Ha Ha ....... and then we shall talk :-) !!!!

Tharini : There are days when I do wish we could sleep in hiding. But again, knowing Abhay, it would turn into a early morning treasure hunt of sorts for him, me and Vic being the booty :-)
And with the amount of space that apartments in HK have, we probably would have to run away to the terrace ;-)

UTBT : Actually I was one of those children who never ever gave the parents any trouble. And this comes right from the horse's mouth - meaning my mom. Go figure ??

Swati : Welcome to my space and hope to c u around more often.

rbdans said...

Still laughing from the Santa Banta post on your other blog.
The little alarm clock - how cute. Hope Appu is taking it lightly.

NainaAshley said...

LOL. Abhay sounds like my little one...except she will crib about walking up during the week when she needs to wake up early , but on weekend she's up at the stroke of 7.00 going "wake up mommy".