02 June, 2007

Here I am doing a guest post for letting the gift out of the bag .......

......... the fib, not yet !!!!

Conditions Apply - The contestant -

1) has to be a regular visitor to this site

2) has to be a mom

3) must have at least few grey hairs resulting from mother hood

4) must have suffered sleepless nights resulting from mother hood

5) must have shown signs of insanity resulting from mother hood

6) must love their husbands

7) must be versatile with baby talk

8) every contestant has a maximum of three chances

9) give the correct answer!

And the gift in question is .......

Good Luck Ladies !!



13 voice(s) said so:

Anonymous said...

woweee thats half the job done for me - i qualify on all those counts!

here's my three guesses




ok so when can i have my gift???

shall i email my address to you?

let me know....


Anonymous said...

Hey d,
Why did you say 1, 3, 2 ? and not 1,2, 3 :-))

Just curious....

gr8mom2 said...

I qualify.....

My choices are 1 and 9

Lavs said...

vic, this is unfair. I have been quite regular at this site....but then I am not a mom yet....you are discouraging non moms from this site, is it?

Random Thoughts said...


And the winner is, D.

Should not have allowed 3 guesses!

So to win, D has to choose between 1, 2, & 3.

Probability has now changed from 1:9 to 1:3.

And a Clue. The Fib is my quirk and not Gauri's.

Good Luck D!

As for the rest of you ladies, better luck next time.


Random Thoughts said...
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Random Thoughts said...


No Offence. Moms have earned it.

BTW - Make your call....maybe, there will be a consolation prize.....u never know!


Anonymous said...

wow! i am thrilled! just being in the race this far is exciting!

ok now for the guess. what happens if my final guess is wrong? do i still get a consolation prize?

anyway... my instinct would have been no.1, but because of your clue that does'nt seem like it. so it has to be 2 or 3. if the answer was 2, then kodi's mom would have won the prize. so thats not it. well that leaves me with just no.3.

ok my final answer is no.3!

let me know...

and please do give me a consolation prize at least if i am wrong ok?

by the way, thanks vic for making this exciting!

Random Thoughts said...

And the Winner is 'D'.

Appreciate the though and logic put into arriving at the correct conclusion. Am sure, the clue was quite transparent.

Please email your address to Gauri to enable us to do the needful.


Anonymous said...


i won! i won! i won!

this is so exciting! really!

thanks vic! (and gauri!)


Sahithi's Mom... said...

Hi Gauri,

Just saw that I have been tagged.. have been blog hopping but have not visited my own blog for a couple of weeks now :):)..
Will do it ASAP..

the mad momma said...

whatttttttt?????? D won? only because my husband had a birthday and i didnt get to blog and missed the contest?????????? this is not fair. let me go sulk. i was going to say 3..boo hoo hooo... because 1 and 9 compliment each other and.. oh never mind. congrats D and congrats Gauri for having a husband who bothers with ur blog!!!

Gauri said...

MM : Nice to c u around. It's been long. And that's what happens when you don't regularly hang around at Tiny Tidbits :-))))

j/k - could not resist that one :-)

And Vic - oh yes !! He's a wonderful person. See - some of me has rubbed off onto him :-)

Seriously - he is extremely supportive of my blog. And he has been and still is my very own Rock of Gibraltar !!