07 June, 2007

Happy Anniversary !!

Dearest V,

As we complete 13 years of marriage today ;
I wanted something short and sweet to say.

I found just what I was looking for ;
And this one you haven't heard from me before.

So here's a couplet, short and sweet ;
That echoes my heart's every beat.

"Grow Old With Me ;
The Best Is Yet To Be."

Happy Anniversary !!!!



10th June 2007

"Chains do not hold a marriage together. It is threads, hundreds of tiny threads, which sew people together through the years."
~ Simone Signoret

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18 voice(s) said so:

Moppet's Mom said...

Happy Anniversary!

Sunita said...

Happy Anniversary Gauri!!

Orchid said...

and since I am late....hope you guys had a wonderful time!

the mad momma said...

happy anniversary... i am sure the best is yet to be...though he raises the bar for himself with his sweet gestures.. may you two always be happy and as much in love...

noon said...

Wish you both a very happy anniversary and a lifetime of happiness together!

Random Thoughts said...

Hellow Mad Momma,

Forget raising the bar, I don't even raise the glass to say cheers!

I am a total teetotalar!

Partner in Crime

B o o said...

Happy Anniversary Gauri and Vic! Too bad I missed out on Vics guest post and the gift. #3 was my first choice too! So whens the next contest? ;)

Praba said...

Happy anniversary and lots of happiness together!

Gauri said...

Moppet's Mom, Sunita, Orchid, MM, Noon, Boo, Praba :

Thank you so much, girls, for the warm wishes.

geetha said...

Happy Anniversary :)

next to nothing said...

Happy anniversary Gauri..

Anonymous said...

dear gauri and vic
happy anniversary!

Trishna said...

Belated Happy anniversary to V & Gauri May your happiness and love grow 10 folds with each passing year- "Grow Old with me,Best is yet to be!" is my favorite too!
I will never forget your anniversary.. as its also DH's b'day

Gauri said...

Geetha, NTN, D, Trishna : Thanks a ton, girls !!

karmickids said...

Belated Happy Anniversary dear, sorry I came in late...

nenjil said...

hi gowri,
todays the first time i saw ur blog...chased u from boos list...well congrats ..
this post is really good i can feel u there....good work documenting ur kids ..
hope to read u regularly from now
bye nejil ( ennenjinile.sulekha.com)

Gauri said...

Kiran : Thanks so much for the wishes.

Nenjil : Thank you and sure hope to see you around more often.

Varsha said...

Happy anniversary..though a bit late