04 June, 2007

Clumsy Mummy !!!!

The other day, while I was in the process of opening the toothpaste tube, Abhay's toothbrush (which was in my left hand) fell onto the washbasin ledge.

Immediately that little face brightened and those little eyes started twinkling with mischief.

"Mummy is clumsy" said an extremely gleeful Abhay.

Before I could even think of a retort, he was hollering for Aparna.

"Apppaaaarrnnnaaaaa .......... Mummy is clumsy. Mummy drop the Abhay's teethbrush"

Now I had another Sherlock on my heels asking me "n" number of questions as to how the brush fell, where it fell, was there paste on it when it fell and the question that totally felled me

"Mummy, before you gave it to Abhay, did you wash the brush ?. After it fell down, I mean."

Oh !! For crying out loud !! Who exactly is the mother here ?

Abhay, in the meantime, finished brushing his teeth and came up to me with a bright smile and said

"I want to phone Daddy".

"So early in the morning ?" I asked "Why do you want to call Daddy so early ?"

"To tell Daddy "Mummy is clumsy""

Yeah ..... rrriiteeeee !!!

This chant kept going till he called up and told Vic "Mummy is clumsy. Mummy drop Abhay's teethbrush".

I told Abhay rather sweetly that a better thing for him to do would be to go over to the rooftop with a bullhorn and shout aloud so that the whole world could hear it at one go

"Mummy is Clumsy !!!!"

Appu, so ever the realist, quipped

"But Mummy. Where is he going to find a bullhorn ?"

Oh Why Appu !! Is it not so very simple ?

He just has to ask his Clumsy Ole Mummy to get him one !!!

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Moppet's Mom said...

Oh boy, they don't miss a thing do they? :-)

Oh, and love the TT seal. Very official looking and all!