12 June, 2007

A "Blinky" Nose !!

Both Appu and Abhay are down with a real nasty cold. Two chain sneezers down with a cold !!! Howzatt !!! And when they get around to competing with each other in this particular department, all hell breaks loose. This turns into a jugalbandi par excellence.

And I have not even started on the saga of the "Running Noses".

Since today morning, Abhay's nose has been running a marathon. In fact, I just called up a couple of factories in China to deliver facial tissues to our place by the container loads. And his nose has one hell of a stamina, apparently. It is still running as though there is no tomorrow.

Abhay still relates to a "runny nose" in our mother tongue. He goes around saying "Mooku Chali come to my nose".

Today morning, just before Abhay left for school, Vic was explaining to Abhay as to what Abhay would have to say to get his teachers to understand his problem with the "runny nose".

Vic told Abhay that he could say "my nose is leaking".

Quite apparently, somewhere between the time Vic said that and Abhay heard that, there was some mix up, as I realised later.

When I went to fetch Abhay from school in the afternoon, he very promptly said
"Abhay's nose still blinking"

What is your nose doing ? I asked him

"It is blinking" came the reply.

When asked, he did totally reply in the affirmative as to the fact that that is what he had been telling his teachers all morning.

"My nose is blinking. My nose is blinking."

I've heard of noses running and feet smelling. Quite apparently, Mr.Exasperation has a nose that "Blinks" as well !!!

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