25 June, 2007

Aparna got her hand waxed !!!!!!!!

Ouch !!!! Ouch !!!! OUCH !!!!!

Yeah !! My sentiments exactly !!

That was precisely how I felt as I watched Aparna getting her hand waxed.

Hot wax, that small hand (definitely not big enough to be waxed) and bated breaths.

I really don’t know what gets into her sometimes. And then something like this is what happens.

She’s been with me to the salon a couple of times and she’s seen it all. She knows what things like waxing and threading entail. And while I was having my waxing and threading done, the little madam sat there vocalizing a multitude of owws and ouches. Now, for this very reason, she sure shocked the daylights out of me when she said and kept saying

“I want a waxed hand. It's so smooth. It's cool."

I do know that vanity – I could even venture as far as into calling it a mild form of narcissism - is a huge issue with ladies. But this sure tantamounts to starting a little young, don’t you think ?

She was a trooper through and through. There was nervousness, there was trepidation but at the end of it all, she sat there with a smile while her hand was waxed. Not even an Ouch. That lack of an Ouch from her was made up for by a multitude of Ouches from me, though !!

What did she have to say at the end of it all ?

Wow !! That’s nice !!!

After enduring that hot wax, the least we could do was snap up a couple of pictures so that she could gloat over them for time immemorial.

Here's her hand in all its waxed glory !!!!

P.S : Now that she's gotten what she wanted, Dad and Mom are driving her nuts - totally, absolutely, influentially and effectively.

How ????

How indeed !!!!

Its fairly simple. Dad and Mom are of the opinion that the finger placement on her waxed hand effectively communicates the need or rather, the urgent need for the confines of a washroom !!!

(*sigh*) The incorrigible parents that both our children have to live and put up with !!!!!!!!

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21 voice(s) said so:

B o o said...

I was thinking ""How could you!" till the end of the post when I saw the photo. I should have known! :) thats indeed smooth and cool!

Asha said...

You really gave me shock. Aparna, so small, and waxing her hand!!

But the waxed hand turned out to be really cool ;)

Nice post.

Tharini said...


Now to make sure I have understood it right....is that a mould of her hand? Or just a hand mould that she liked and you bought?

Sorry. :)

Trishna said...

Ohh My GOd!! Gauri!! You did it again!! And here I was thinking" What's wrong with you??"
A cool post about a cool waxed hand!! And the"hello Kitty" looks cute too!

namvor said...

i admit i was shocked big time initially. that bit about the little finger was so funny!

Gauri said...

Boo, Asha, Trishna, Namvor : :-)) Thanks !! And to think that you guys actually fell for it :-))))
Yesssssssssssss!!!!!!! :-))

Namvor : The way her palm is placed - its actually the sign language for "peace". We know that and so does she. First few times we pulled her leg she patiently explained that it was the sign for "peace". Then she just gave up, I guess :-))))

And we never let an opportunity go past when it comes to pulling our kids' legs. An extra effort on our part in trying to see if they get taller at all :-))

Tharini : That is a mould of her right hand. There is a chain store which specialises in wax moulds and they have a branch at the Victoria Peak. That's where she got the mould done :-)

utbt said...

Me, being the nincompoop that I am, did a reverse scroll and saw the picture first and read the post after that!...and wondered all along what I had missed! After an hour, as I was driving it came to me! :):))

Sunita said...

:) God I went "Ofcourse she is too young to start".
Nice post

Poppins said...

Sorry for the late comment, I read your blog in my Google Reader and that does not allow me to comment directly..

I had read this post as soon as mine went up and I'm like We're all writing about waxing.

Knowing your style, I sort of expected that there was a catch in your post while reading it, and sure enough :)

I love Victoria Peak and the train ride and everything, actually HongKong is one of my favourite places (My sis used to live there, and I have visted often)

Usha said...

I was gearing up to give you an earful and lecture you on irresponsibility etc - hehe, my age gives me that right, huh?- and then this! never seen anything so beautiful - how exactly did you do this?

hillgrandmom said...

I really like your signature thingy at the end of each post.

Gauri said...

UTBT : Now you know why not to reverse scroll on any of my posts ;-)

Sunita : Thanks

Poppins : Is you sis still in HK ? Yeah, Victoria Peak is lovely and so is the Peak Tram ride. Ask Abhay - he goes all ga-ga over the Peak Tram :-)

Usha : :-)
They first dip the hand in ice cold water and then a quick dip into molten wax and then ice cold water again. Basically this whole process is repeated 4-5 times till the mould is strong enough to be taken off the hand like a glove. And then they give you the choice of retaining the original wax colour on the mould or making it multi coloured (like the pic I posted) or any one of the three colours that they use.

HillGMom : Thanks :-)

NainaAshley said...

You really had me believe that you let a 8 year old wax her hand! Yep! I fell for it too! Great post.

Kowsalya Subramanian said...

Sigh, I am definitely very stupid.

I was thinking "how could you start her so young" and even the picture didn't clear my rusty brain.

Though I read your post yesterday, I didn't comment as I was not sure I understood :(

the mad momma said...

I thought I was the only one crusty enough to get shocked.. i do come across as old fashioned compared to other mothers.. thakn God everyone else got shocked too....

i love the way you write G...

Gauri said...

NainaAshley : :-) Thanks !

Kowsalya : This is just an example of my quacky sense of humour :-)

MM : Thanks :-).

Praba said...

the post and the hand are absolutely,positively cute! :-))

I better not let my five yr old see the picture of the waxed hand and the hello kitty..She's going to want to do the same considering she'd do anything to bring a hello kitty home! :-) If I did, I would have to join the ranks of another brave?? mamma - who let her little girl get her hand waxed..:-)))) Yours is at least seven..Mine???

Utterly smooth post!

karmickids said...

And here I was frothing and fuming at this insensitive mother getting a child's hand waxed...LOL...

mynanhipari said...

Me too..LOL:) like others was thinking what in the world is wrong with this mom...but I was wrong:)
The waxed hand picture is very cute...
Love the way you write...

Gauri said...

Praba : Your daughter is also a Hello Kitty fan huh ? :-) Wait till she gets into the "Barbie" mode - then you will have to go hunting for one of Barbie's shoes, or her little hairbrush, or her little mirror .......... Want me to go on ??
(*Phew*) I survived this phase whilst hanging onto sanity by a sheer thread !!

Kiran : Et Tu ?????

MyNanhiPari : Thanks. Keep going girls - my "bakra" count on this post is increasing by the day :-))

Just like that said...

Hopped on to you, and was liking all I read, and enjoying, but this post made me wonder-- did you really????? You didn't come across as someone who would....

And so after reading the whole of it, I had to hop on to the comments section, and there, I laffed to find that nearly everybody was taken in too!

LOL at your post, and admiring at the waxed hand. Lovely- both!