01 June, 2007

Abhay's little quips ....

Last Sunday morning, Abhay had put his ear on to Vic's wristwatch and was listening, I presume, to the watch ticking away.

After a while, when he did lift his face off Vic's hand, I asked him

"Abhay what did the watch tell you ?"

With a very sombre expression on his little face, Abhay quipped


I guess the expression on my face was somewhat priceless cos Vic just could not stop laughing. I was expecting a more straightforward reply like "Tick Tock".

I mean, is that not what children normally say ?

Serves me right for having asked him an open ended question like that !!!

Will I ever learn not to do that with him ???

Apparently not ......

In the afternoon, Abhay was heard muttering

"Plane to put fuel to fly"
"Autorickshaw to put diesel to run"
"Car to put petrol to run"

I, the one who never learns, asked him

"Abhay - what does an autorickshaw run on ?"

"The Road" came the reply.

Now why is it that I thought he would say "Diesel".

God Help Me !!!!!

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