25 May, 2007

Yippeeeee !!!! It's my Birthday !!!!!

All of FOUR years old !!!!!

Yea !! That’s what I am today. Four years old !!!

Else you really think Mommy would have let me do a guest post on her blog.

No way !!!!!

Mom and Dad tell me that I was born on 25th May 2003 at 05.52 a.m. They keep telling me over and over again that I was born at 05.52 in the morning. Yet, I wonder, why it is that they complain when I wake up around the same time on Saturdays and Sundays now.

It’s my birthday today, but guess what !! No break for this little me. I still had to go to school today. It’s not fair. Really !!!

Sometimes, I wonder if my Dad and Mom have forgotten my name. For that very reason, I always spell my name before saying it to them. A.B.H.A.Y Abhay – that what I tell them. Haaannn Haaannhhh !! They just don’t get it. They still call me all kinds of weird names like exasperation. Psssttt - can any of you tell me what that means. Don’t kid me on my birthday OK ?

Hey – today morning I had a very nice surprise waiting for me. Wait wait !! I am not talking about my birthday gift. Dad and Mom had these nice loot bags packed with all sorts of goodies for me to give all my friends at school.

Today morning Dad, Mom, Grandma – everyone actually just dropped whatever it is they were doing and were cooing and gaaing “Happy Birthday Darling” around me. Hey – it felt really good you know – to be the center of all that attention early in the morning. But Gee – it sure gets tiring too. Everytime someone says “Happy Birthday Abhay” you’ve got to shake their hand and say Thank You. It really is very laborious. That’s such an awful lot of work for a four year old. Dontcha think ??

And Aparna – she first sneezed around me 10 times in the morning before she even wished me a bleary eyed “Good Morning”. And halfway through brushing her teeth I guess it dawned on her that she had not wished me “Happy Birthday” and she came rushing out with her toothbrush. And wished me a very toothpastey Happy Birthday. And then, for a while after that, she was hopping all around the living room like a Bunny Rabbit. What’s the deal ??

But wait up – Hey ! I did not see my gift in the morning. Nor did I hear Dad and Mom even mention the word “birthday gift”. I mean, something tells me it is right under my nose. I can see it, I can actually see it but it has not officially been gifted to me as yet. I can wait …….. I’m the eternal optimist.

Ahem …… is anyone listening ? Daaaaaaaaddddd !!! Moooooommmmmmmm !!!!
Ok – now I’m desperate. Apppaaarrrrnnnnnaaaaa !!!!
Where’s my gift ????? And where’s my cake ??????

And they call themselves adults !!!

I’m just about keeping my fingers and toes crossed here. Hopefully wiser counsel will prevail by the end of the day.

So what exactly have I been doing over the past four years ?

Well, I’d rather say it through pictures. That way, you’d get to see my handsome face and how it got handsomer over the past four years ;-)

That's me when I was a week old. Don't I look cute :-) Don't tell Mom I said that else she'd say "Abhay. Don't toot your own horn".

I started to look at the world from a whole new angle - once I learnt to flip over onto my tummy.

One look at this picture and people say "That's Mr.Naughty". I wonder why !!

The "Monk" Look.

My "Vehicle Mania" begins in right earnest.

I began developing hobbies too. Among my favourite was finding new places to hide in, inside the house.

Me with my alltime favourite God. He's said to be equally naughty, if not more.

The day I started school.

In my first Chinese outfit, with my favourite co-conspirator.

Me with my Ducati. Hmmm.... sure sign of having grown up, don't u think ??

I'm even planning on reading Edgar Allen Poe one of these days.

Yaaaayyyy !!! Bye !!! So long. And it has been very nice meeting you all.

So here I am. All of four years old. Yaaayy !!
And I have just this to say

Everything's been different
All the day long,
Lovely things have happened,
Nothing has gone wrong.

Nobody has scolded me,
Everyone has smiled.
Isn't it delicious
To be a birthday child?

All the same, I do sincerely hope I get my birthday gift and cake :-))

Lopsum love, lopsum hugs and lopsum Mmmmuuuaaaaaa

Abhay a.k.a Mr.Exasperation

7 voice(s) said so:

karmickids said...

Happy Birthday dear Abhay, may you have a great birthday and a lovely year ahead...

Kodi's Mom said...

could there have been a better post for the occassion??? NO!!!

Lovely to meet you, Abhay. you're such a charming little man, your mom must be kooky when she calls you Mr. E and all that! Happy Birthday, and here's wishing you many, many lovely things this year and for many years to come :)
Write more often - I love hearing your voice a lot more than your mom's! ;)

Orchid said...

Happy b'day Abhay! and what adorable pictures :)
Hey, i love the hanuman shirt...where did u get it? I know my Li'l A would love it :)...atleast he had this hanuman craze a while ago (his ultimate superhero!!)

Moppet's Mom said...

Happy birthday, Abhay!
And when your family calls you Mr E, they REALLY mean you're the cutest, smartest boy ever! :-)

B o o said...

Happy Birthday Abhay! You are the best! Wishing you all things wonderful dear! Now go and exasperate everyone, all you want! We love to hear from your mom about that :)

Gauri said...

Aunty Kiran : Thank you so much.

Aunty "Kodi's Mom" : Gee Thanks. I shall make sure I give Mom your message ;-)

Aunty Orchid : Thank you. Adorable pics - oh yea - they're all mine u know :-))
GrandMom got the Hanuman T-Shirt for me from Mumbai. And mom says the picture is pretty complete. And that the only thing I lack now is a tail.

Aunty "Moppet's Mom" : Thanks Aunty. You really made my day.

Aunty Boo : Thanks so much. Why can't my mom be like you and tell me to go around exasperating people as much as I want to ?

noon said...

Hey Abhay - wish you a very happy birthday! Make it absolutely exciting and wonderful - go and exasperate mom and dad as much as you can on your b'day! :) I lovve the pic of you and your sister - too cute!