30 May, 2007

The Saga of The Eight Facts and The One Fib continues ....

I've been tagged by The Mad Momma and SM and in keeping with the tradition :-) here are 9 things about me people don't know - eight of which are true and one of which is not.

1. I hate being in the limelight – in any given situation.

2. I have vertigo. Precisely for that very reason, I went parasailing in Pattaya. And loved every minute of it. Bungee jumping and skydiving are still on my “to-do” list. And I do plan to get around to these someday.

3. The currency notes in my wallet are always arranged by denomination. Not once will you find a 10 Dollar note between a 50 Dollar and a 20 Dollar note.

4. While eating a slice of bread or toast, I still eat up all four sides of the bread first. Same goes for a slice of pizza. The outer rim of the crust gets eaten first.

5. I was born into a musical family. Just for that very reason, a very reluctant me was forced into learning Carnatic music. I’ve gone well past the Keertanam stage, hating every minute of it.

6. I play tag with the kids in the park. Go ahead and roll your eyes. Yes, at this age I still do. And the kids love it. Cos they don’t need to go Eeeni Meeni Myni Mo for a catcher. They have one readily available.

7. I’ve addressed a live audience and a huge posse of the press at the FCC (Foreign Correspondents Club) in HK. And my photo eventually found its way into the SCMP (South China Morning Post).

8. After the above speech at the FCC, I’d been approached by a couple of TV news channels for an interview. Needless to say, I turned them down.

9. I’ve fired a live firearm. And sorry to disappoint you – I did not end up killing anyone or anything with it.

And I now tag

Kodi's Mom
Sahithi's Mom

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B o o said...

Please tell me #4 is true because I do exactly that and Hubby makes fum of me all the time! I need company!

And tell me about playing tag with kids. I luvvvvvv it! We might have to do Eeni meeni mo to decide on the catcher if we both ever meet! ;)

Gauri said...
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Gauri said...
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Gauri said...
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Aparna said...

It's really hard to guess, Gauri. You are good at fibbing :)

Kodi's Mom said...

I'm going to pick 8- somehow doesn't flow with the rest of the post :)

Anonymous said...

Another vote for #8 as being untrue.

Anonymous said...

wow gauri this is quite a coincidence. i had just started this 'tag' without really being tagged. i was doing it more from the point of view of taking the easy way out to update my blog! where i already have a topic!

anyway, thanks for tagging me - this makes me feel truly a part of the blogging community! though i was tagged earlier by tara (i went into blog hibernation around that time though...)

anyway you are a good fibber - can't guess.

Gauri said...

Go on girls .... go on guessing .... This is a lot more fun than I had expected :-)
Now am I speaking from the heart or am I fibbing when I say this ? It's ur call !!

Gauri said...

Aps : In the context of the present post, I will take that as a compliment :-))))

Moppet's Mom said...

Hmm...this is quite tough, but I'm going to go with 8 too, because I think if both 7 and 8 had been true, they would've been in the same point.

Logic, huh? ;-)

SM said...

Thanks for taking up the tag Gauri, this was an interesting read. Parasailing, bungee jumping to counter vertigo, and fun as a side effect, way to go Gauri!
All your points seem so believable, I have no clue which one is untrue. Enlighten us please!!

Gauri said...

SM : It sure was fun doing this tag. Enlightening you - just wait up for a couple of days :-)

Moppet's Mom : Hmmm ... actually you made me realise that I could have clubbed #7 & #8 together.

BTW, all of you who said #8, it is not a fib. I was indeed approached by a couple of TV channels for an interview.

The search for the fib goes on ...

Orchid said...

I am kinda clueless too...if one is a fib then u are a damn good fibber...all seem so believeable..will come back to find out!

Random Thoughts said...


Tomorrow I will let the cat out of the bag....

You have one more day to figure out my partner in crime.

There is a prize waiting at amazon.com for the person guessing correctly.


Kodi's Mom said...

is he serious?? abt the amazon! well, thats enough motivation for me to guess again..


Lavs said...

Number 4 is untrue. BTW, what is that amazon gift??

Gauri said...

Kodi's Mom : Nope. He's not kidding. He really seems to be serious about this. He's done a guest post today morning - with a picture of the said gift too !!

Lavs : Check out the latest post. It is a guest post penned by Vic.

Moppet's Mom said...

Hmmm so logic didn't work, huh? Ok, second guess will be on gut - no 5!

And wow, Vic's really having fun with this, huh? :-)

SM said...

Ok gift ke liye kuch bhi karega!
I think its #5.
Unless it #9 and you did end up killing someone!
Naa..sticking to #5.
Will Vic ship the gift to India :)
Oh yes, I meet all the qualifying criteria!

Anonymous said...

ok for the gift i will do anything. what if i leave 9 comments - each guessing a different number? one of them has to be right, right? and i qualify fully on the other counts anyway. will vic ship the gift to india as someone else also asked?

the answer is no.1

- d

DotMom said...

which one is it?which one is it?which one is it?which one is it?which one is it? dang. who got the gift??? I have vertigo too.. Is THAT a fib? dang.

Neera said...

came here thru the 5 posts tag and so enjoyed the post and the game that followed :)