26 May, 2007

A poem about "Space" by Aparna

Aparna's Primary Three Picture taken at school.

This picture was taken at school at the beginning of her Primary Three year. Notice that all the teeth are intact and the addition to her wardrobe in the form of a pair of glasses had not taken place then.

The ongoing topic at for the Primary Three's at Kowloon Junior School is "Space".

Each child had been assigned three projects on "Space".

The first one was making a model of something related to Space and we did make a model rocket for her to take to school.

The second project was to make a Powerpoint presentation about any one of the planets. She chose to do a Powerpoint presentation on Planet Jupiter. Am still trying to figure out a way to upload a .pps file onto the blog.

The third project was to write a story or a poem related to "Space" and Aparna chose to write a poem. When she handed me the poem which she had written, I was dumbstruck.

Even if my life depended on it, I would not be able to come up with a poem. My poetic sense is absolutely zilch. Hers, quite apparently, is awesome !!

And it would not be fair on my part not to add this :

This poem has been written by Aparna and Aparna alone. There has been no parental help involved in the composition of the poem. Absolutely none !!

Take a look at the poem which she has submitted as her Third Project on "Space".

"Beautiful Space"

Space is bright as you can see;
If you see it, what a sight it would be.

Some think it is really-really small;
But the fact is, that it is huge after all.

Mercury and Venus are very-very hot;
You need lot’s of water, how much have you got?!

Mars is the Red Planet and it is the only one;
I don’t know, if it is redder than the Sun.

Here comes Jupiter on the way;
It has giant Red Spots that’s what I say.

Next there is Saturn with it’s enormous Rings;
The Rings are so long, longer than Strings.

Uranus is Seventh, that is really true;
It is full of gases, it’s colour is Blue.

Last is Neptune, it is such a Freeze;
If you had lived there, you will not stop to Sneeze!

Now that you have seen them all, I can see;
One day you will love to take a trip to space with me.

~ by Aparna Venkitaraman

8 voice(s) said so:

namvor said...

incredible, totally awesome! - could you pass on this to aparna?!

read your blog often andenjoy it a lot esply as my older kid is about your daughter's age, give or take a few months. dont comment usually, this one *made* me do it!

The Mad Momma said...

:D This is fantastic!!! you really are blessed with two terrific kids!

Tharini said...

Excellent excellent poem. How amazing to have made every line rhyme. She is decidedly creative. Way to go Appu!

Krishnapriyacr said...

Great!!! Its a really really nice piece of work. I love writing poems too, but haven't found time after the kids..but you child certainly seems to have written with complete ease. Not one word is out of place, put in just to rhyme. It all blends in to make it a very pleasing read. Do encourage her more n more to write and keep her own diary with fair copies of her poems!! I love going back to the ones I wrote in 3 rd std and proudly shows it to my hubby still!!

Lavs said...

Three cheers and hugs to Aparna.

Gauri said...

Namvor : Done :-) and thanks

MM, Tharini, Lavs : Thank you :-)

KP : Thanks :-) Welcome to my space and hope to see you around more often. And looking forward to a post by you on your childhood poems.

Trishna said...

WOWwwww.. this is amazing!! Appu is an amazing kid..and such creativity at such a young age is really commendable..God bless the little sweetheart!

Gauri said...

Trishna : Thanks a lot !! :-)