28 May, 2007

My birthday evening ........ visually speaking

As most of you know, I got to do a guest post on Mom's blog on my birthday.

Here I am again, this time with an extremely visually pleasing (I'm to be seen in almost all the pictures :-0) post - to take you through the evening of my birthday.

I gave these cute goodies bags filled with all sorts of goodies to all 24 of my friends at school.

Look at the lovely birthday card Aparna made for me.

This was how the card looked on the inside. I don't know what she'd written on it but it sure cracked everyone up.

Yummy !!!!!! Chocolate Cake !!!!! Hey - that's my birthday cake !! :-)))))

We sure look pleased, don't we ?

Me n all the ladyfolk of the house. Oh !! I just can't take my eyes off the cake.

Oh !! Blowing the candles and cutting the cake sure is tiring. Look at all the help I needed !

Mmmmmmmm ........ Yummy !!! I finally get to eat the cake.

And so does My Big Sis !!

The ladies want one more pic with me. But I'm way too busy doing something far more important.

Annnndddd lookie here. Look what I got on my birthday. Yippeeeee !!!

Am taking my bike for a spin ...

Wow !! That sure was one fun evening I had ...... and a very yummy one too :-)))

Pssstt !!!!!!

Can someone please answer one question

"Why is it that birthdays come only once a year ?"

Wouldn't really hurt, you know, if birthdays did come around 3-4 times every year :-))))

6 voice(s) said so:

namvor said...

many happy returns to the birthday boy!

Orchid said...

looks like you all had fun!..is that you in the yellow shirt? Aparna's card cracked me up too:)
hey, I also read her space poem and she is definitely one smart cookie, you must be so proud of her!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Abhay..I loved the pictures your mom put up there and the write up she made...Man, you are getting more and more handsome by the day...


Gauri said...

Namvor : Thanks :-)

Orchid : Thanks. And yep, that's Yours Truly in the green/yellow shirt.

Sharron : Thanks. Will sure pass on your message to Abhay. He's offline right now ;-)

karmickids said...

Oh lovely, how fast they grow up dont they....hope he has a great time riding the bike all over...and what a smart girl your daughter is, loved her poem...

Gauri said...

Kiran : Thanks a lot :-)
About the bicycle - now Abhay just wishes that someone would just pedal it for him !!!!