23 May, 2007

Mr.Exasperation - Percy, Annie and Clarabelle

The Mr.Exasperation series which started with this post, now moves to Part 2.
Children are a great comfort in your old age. And they help you reach it faster, too.
~Lionel Kauffman

For the past few days, Abhay is seen announcing “I am Percy” “Abhay is Percy”.

"Abhay, please come here". And the reply would be

"I'm not Abhay. I'm Percy".

"Abhay, time for lunch" And the reply would be

"I'm not Abhay. I'm Percy."

And the adults in the household, already at their wit's end and exasperated beyond description, are making either no attempts or at the very best, feeble attempts, to correct the "Percy" situation.

Now, for those of you who have not been forced into a situation that demands familiarity with names like Percy, Scarlowie, Rheneas etc.., please start counting your lucky stars. And something does tell me that there are not going to be many parents counting their lucky stars on this topic.

Anyways, not to digress ......

The other day, in the evening, he walked into the living room and just kept saying “I’m Percy” over and over and over again.

Appu decided to take the “bull by its horns” and went on to tell Abhay

“Abhay – you cannot be Percy. Percy is a engine.”

“I’m Percy” came the defiant reply.

“Abhay, you cannot be Percy. Cos Percy has two coaches behind it. Annie and Clarabelle. So you see, you cannot be Percy.”

“I’m Percy” came the rebellious reply.

“Percy runs on a track. You run with your legs. So you see, you cannot be Percy” came Appu’s witticism.

“I’m Percy” came the reply with an equally mutinous look.

“Ok. If you are Percy then where is Annie and where is Clarabelle” quipped Appu, not willing to budge a millimeter on this one.

“This Annie This Clarabelle” came the reply with that famous index finger of his pointing towards his bottom.

Now, had not The Big Sister told him that Percy has two coaches “behind it”. Knowing his penchant for specifics, I’m not surprised that he picked up on the “behind it” detail.

The adults in the house were way to cracked up by now to notice which side of the bottom was Annie and which one was Clarabelle.

Even after the initial laughter had died down, another hypothetical scenario had me laughing quite relentlessly.

Picture a situation at school wherein Abhay falls and lands on his tushy. And when asked by his teachers, he comes up with an answer that goes something like

“Annie get hurt” OR “Clarabelle get hurt” :-)))))))))

Now, I know for a fact that there is no Annie or Clarabelle in his class. And his teachers are going to be tied up in knots trying to figure out who Annie and Clarabelle are.

Also, if he continues with the above theory, then, essentially, each body part is going to be assigned the name of an engine or a coach. And that spells trouble in Big Black Block letters.

If Abhay says “James get hurt”.

“Oh Dear !! Just wait, will you ? Let me just check on my list and find out whether James is the right leg or the right hand” !!!!!

Oh !!!! For Crying Out Loud !!!!!

And before this question comes up, I might as well say that he has not assigned any more engine names to any body parts.

Atleast not yet !!!!!!!!!

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Kodi's Mom said...

:) love how Apu is so patient with Mr. E. love E's comeback even more!!! who else, but Abhay, can think of naming his butt! LOL!

Tharini said...

LOL!! Life is getting just a tad more complicated with this new list. :)

Looks like u figured your way around the pull quotes!!

Jayashree said...

You've got a really quick thinking guy on your hands, don't you???

The Mad Momma said...

I'm sorry... I am just too busy wiping away my tears of laughter to really pay attention to the situation. by the way - you've been tagged

karmickids said...

Gawd, looks like you have got to make out a wall chart with renamed body parts...

Moppet's Mom said...

ROTFL my Annie and Clarabelle off! :-))

Random Thoughts said...


Abhay is a pain in the A & C but, we have trained ourselves to focus on the funny side. If Gauri starts writing about the balance 98%, this Blog Server will run out of memory.....

Abhay's Dad

Just Like That said...

hahahaha ROFLMA&CO! Abhay is unparalleled!! Lolllll!

Hmm... think I will let a fellow Percy lover get a little bigger before I share this story with him. LOL!