19 May, 2007

The making of a miniature Rocket

The ongoing topic for the Primary Threes in Kowloon Junior School is “Space”.

The first project on the above topic involved making a miniature model of anything associated with Space.

Appu chose to make a model of a rocket.

And this is what the finished product looked like.

For the main body of the rocket, we took the easy way out by using a Watson’s Distilled Water bottle which happens to be quite ideally shaped for a rocket.

The next step posed a bit of a dilemma. Since the bottle had way too many curves, it was not going to be possible to stick coloured crepe or craft paper on it. It would leave way too many creases. So then, the only logical choice left was to use Poster Colours. But then again, Poster colours do not take well to plastic surfaces.

What did we do ??

We coated the plastic bottle with ordinary paper glue and rolled on one layer of white medical gauze all over the bottle. Once the glue dried up, we were left with a plastic bottle that vaguely resembled an Egyptian Mummy. The only difference being that this Egyptian Mummy was going to take to Poster Colours very well :-)

Then came the unenviable task of creating fins for the rocket. Cardboard too had to be cut in a slightly unique shape to accommodate the extra curves on the bottle. And since the texture had to be the same as the bottle, we followed the same procedure. Paper glue and gauze came into play once more and the four fins, once dry, were ready to be painted.

We decided to turn this into a “jazzy” fun rocket – quite unlike the ones that actually make the trip into outer space. Once the bottle was covered with a thick coating of poster colours, we got working on the fins. To give the whole thing a very national “Mera Bharat Mahaan” touch, the fins were painted like the Indian Tricolour.

Once the painted bottle (I mean body of the rocket) was dry and ready, the rocket thrusters were attached. For the thrusters, the cardboard tube of a kitchen paper towel roll came into play. The cardboard tube was cut into three pieces and painted again with poster colours.

The main body of the rocket was glued on to the three thrusters.

Then the wings were glued and taped on to the sides of the rocket.

It still looked a bit plain. So then, a few tubes of glitter glue worked pretty well in jazzing up the rocket.

Finally, some thick craft paper. We used the blue craft paper that had been leftover from Abhay’s eggshield craftwork. To further strengthen the craft paper, a cardboard was slipped between the two sheets of craft paper.

A few golden stickers sealed the sides pretty effectively.

Some little stickers shaped like stars, crescents, ovals and circles gave the blue base (craft paper) a sky like appearance.

And onto this went our very own homemade rocket !!!

Right now, it is proudly resting on a display ledge at Kowloon Junior School with its inspiration in the forefront.

7 voice(s) said so:

Tharini said...

Awesome project Gauri. And very nice write up too. Am adding this to crafts corner. But I know I'm going to be a little intimidated to try it....this is way too cool!

The Mad Momma said...

ohmigod... i got dizzy listening to the process and am going to die when i have to help my kids with all this! shall mail you each time i hit a bump

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enfoured said...

very creative!

Gauri said...

Tharini, MM, Enfoured :Thanks :-)

Praveen Prakash DSouza said...

simple idea..but super result...

saryu said...

great effort gauri...!! really commendable on your part....!! you have one more convert now...anytime i hit a roadblock on school projects i know where to look.... all the very best and keep up the good work...!!