18 April, 2007

The Tale of the Two Easter Eggs

This whole saga started when Abhay’s kindergarten decided to do a Easter Day Parade with all the kids dressed up in Easter costumes. They were very very helpful in indicating to the parents that the children could be dressed up as bunny rabbits, chickens or Easter Eggs.

Very helpful indeed !!!

Anyways, parents started hunting for bunny rabbit ears at all the outlets of Toys R Us (where else ?). But then – guess what ???!!! All the Toys R Us outlets reported having “sold out” their stocks of rabbit ears. Apparently, according to one of the sales staff at Toys R Us, people were booking up for the rabbit ears and buying them in multiples of 50 pieces at one go.

Huh ????!!!!!! She sure made it sound as though there were Playboy parties going on all over HK !!!

Anyways, let me not go off at a tangent here.

There went the possibilities of my taking the easy way out on the Easter costume issue. What is it that they say “Man Proposes …. God Disposes”.

So then, deciding to give the whole thing a different kind of spin, off went Yours Truly to the stationery shop. The idea was to turn Abhay into an Easter Egg Sandwich. Basically, Abhay was to be the filling - sandwiched between two colourful looking Easter Eggs. Ran the idea by Abhay and found that he was not averse to it. So Easter Egg Sandwich it was !!

These were the result of about 2 ½ odd hours of cutting and painting.

And finally, once two little shoulder straps were attached to the eggs, the “egg shields” were ready.

Next day morning, Abhay gave it one look and said “I don’t want egg”. He got quite agitated at the very idea of wearing the “costume”. So much so that there were tears in his eyes. And he kept shaking his head in the negative.

On the one hand, I could almost visualize about 2 ½ - 3 hours of effort flying out through the window and on the other hand, there was Abhay, looking totally miserable at the idea of getting into the “costume”.

I just did not have the heart to say “Abhay Mommy has made this for you and wear it you shall”.

“Mommy proposes Child disposes” – a new twist to the old adage.

To just put things on an even keel, I told him that he need not wear it if he was not comfortable with the idea. But at the same time, I also told Abhay that I was going to carry the “costume” to school and hand it over to his teacher. That way, in case, later on in the day, when he saw many of the other kids in costume, if he felt like wearing his, he could.

I believe he did wear the costume at school – for two minutes – just to pose for a photograph. We have not been graced by a copy of that picture as yet – guess it will come around by the end of the school year.

The eggs came back home and since I did not have the heart to dump them and since we did not have the space to stack them either, we chose the next best alternative.

Here they are, put up on the wall in the kids’ room - on either side of a totem mask that Appu had made at school.

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Tharini said...

That's a gorgeous project Gauri. Wow. Did you think up the patterns ursef?

Just lovely. What material did you use for the egg shapes?

The Mad Momma said...

oh gosh.. they're beautiful and i dont believe how much effort you put in to them.. ur really very creative and ur giving me the shivers at the thought of having to do similar stuff...

Sush said...

lovely artwork.. tooo good, shows all the efforts put in.. waiting for the sandwich pic :)

Gauri said...

Tharini : Thanks. I used thick craft paper - the colored ones so that I did not have to colour in the background as well. Patterns - yes I did not have any reference material - just took a palette, squeezed in 4-5 different poster colours and just let my imagination rip.

MM : Thanks. Tell me about the shivers. Each and every month when the newsletter comes in - I automatically scan for the word "costume" and if it happens to be missing - then I do heave a huge sigh of relief :-)

Sush : Thanks. Am waiting for the pic too.

Gauri said...

Tharini - forgot to add. The blue egg has quite a few stickers on it as well. The designs on the red one are purely poster paint. Egg Shape - I first drew on old newspaper - and later traced the outline on craft paper - and voila !!

Lavs said...

Hiya there,
I have been a ghost reader at your blog for quite some time now.This post reminded me about one incident.During the visit to our friend's place in mumbai, their daughter (5years old) had to participate in some skit at her play school dressed as an aeroplane.I saw her mom trying to squeeze her brain cells to come up with an aeroplane costume. Reading your post, I realised that schools not only test the child's skills but also their parents creative potential. Your Easter eggs are done very creatively.Good job!

karmickids said...

That was really beautiful Gauri, but unfortunately it will be a couple of decades before our kids start appreciating our handiwork...

Random Thoughts said...


kids appreciating parents handiwork is a lore....a fable....

- Abhay's Dad

Trishna said...

Hey Gauri,
Great job with the easter Egg Sandwich!They are absolutely beautiful.I was suddenly reminded of my mom... Who always made sure we had a unique fanatabulous costume for a fancy dress... not just the routine rented costume..
Great job!!Cant wait to do all that with my baby girl!

JK said...

hey...u seems to be very creative and artistic... Good job done yaar..

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

Wow ... amazing project !