05 April, 2007

Simple pleasures of the ABCs ........

There is something so immensely satisfying, so innately heartwarming about holding your child’s hand and teaching her/him to write. It is not a feeling that comes about instantly. It grows over a period of time. So much so that you miss it when you are not part of that activity any more.

To be able to hold those little inexperienced fingers in your much larger, longer ones, to be able to introduce them to the delights of straight lines and the sleeping ones, the curved lines and the zigzags. To be able to guide those little fingers into the intricate swirls and curls and the ups and downs and the dots and dashes, to form an alphabet – is a source of total delight.

It never did strike me as to how much I enjoyed holding my kids’ hands, helping them write. That is to say, until Abhay said the other day “No Mummy – Abhay do” when it came to tracing alphabets out in his book. That was when it really sunk in – that this seemingly basic, tedious task is one of its kind – very very pleasant and enjoyable - an activity, the absence of which, will indeed be sorely felt.

Even today, as I held his little hand in mine and helped Abhay write numbers from 10 to 30, it did strike me that pretty soon it is going to be just that little hand holding the pencil. And when that does happen, I am sure going to miss this little activity and the myriad of sentiments that accompany it.

But then again, as is the case with almost anything and everything in life, it is a question of being able to “Let Go” – is it not ??

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Just like that said...

Am right now in the stage where I have to hold Sonny boy's fingers around his pencil/crayon. And sometimes I find it very trying when his attention strays.

But your post makes me think i am a fool, for not counting my blessings while I'm enjoying them. thanks, Gauri. :-)