16 April, 2007

A Paradoxical Mom's Rambles

The third and last term for this school year has begun today.

And both Appu and Abhay left for school at their usual times today.

Protests were aplenty. Ranging from Abhay’s vociferous bellows of “I don’t want to go to school. I don’t like it. I want to stay at home” to a more mellow “When do my next holidays begin ?” from Appu.

Both of them woke up in the morning looking lethargic, not at all enamored by the prospect of “school” beckoning them. Apathy, laziness and floppiness hung heavy in the air. Visually too the spectrum was very broad. Ranging from Abhay’s tears to Appu’s glumness.

And with both of them off to school, the house feels raucously quiet. Over the past fortnight or so, there was seldom a moment when peace reigned supreme. And I used to crave for peace. Now when the house is so very quiet, I crave the noise.

Now, as I sit at home in peace, what I wish for, what I yearn for is the total din, the clamor, the clatter, the banging, the shrieks, the screams that used to accompany the activities that the two monkeys used to engage in.

Little did I realise that all that racket, all that ruckus and all that hullabaloo that they normally create would leave such a gaping silence in its wake. The hush that prevails right now is quite overwhelming.

Over the past 3-4 months, both Appu and Abhay have started to communicate a lot more with each other. They do have there trials and tribulations too, they have there share of disagreements – they have their dissimilarities, they have their differences.

But, in the midst of all the fights and the mayhem and the confusion, that sense of camaraderie, of companionship and one of amity is becoming increasingly evident between the big sister and the little brother.

There are lots of times now when they don’t need anyone else around (except for the times when arbitration comes into the picture). They are content playing with each other, more importantly – having each other as playmates.

At times they bring the house down zipping frantically from one corner of the house to another, from one room to another screaming, screeching and laughing it all out – that laughter that builds from the very deepest depths of the heart and echoes all around the house.

At times they are content just sitting and building blocks together, sitting together and making shapes come to life on a magnetic board, sitting together with their drawing books and sharing a box of sketch pens.

Many a times, of late, I’ve found them huddled together, lost in the world of stories and tales that Appu reads out to Abhay.

And of course, to pepper the whole thing up, they do have their fights – over seemingly immaterial things. Things that might, on first glance, seem totally inconsequential. They sulk, they cry, they fob each other off, there are words like “mean” which fly around.

But what is becoming more and more visible and evident as the days go by, is the bond that only two siblings can share. In its entirety, it is beautiful to see the bond forming, to see the attachment growing among the two of them.

And here I am, sitting in this uncannily peaceful house, which, right now, feels very weird and unnatural.

And there I was, a few days back, telling my friends that “I just cannot wait for school to reopen. Then both kids will be off to school. Thank God for small mercies”.

And here I am, willing that time flies real fast and wishing for July to materialize real quickly – for it will herald the start of the summer break for the kids – two whole months.

And when that does happen, I will, in all probability, come right back here to say

“Oh God !! When are the schools going to reopen ?”.

7 voice(s) said so:

B o o said...

I am wondering how I am going to handle the silence, though only for few hours to begin with, when Ashu starts school and I have nt even started looking at play schools yet. Sigh!

Sunita said...

That is a beautiful post!! The Pic of the Sis & bro is really sweet.

Moppet's Mom said...

Aw, such a nice post - brought back memories of me and my bro - and renewed determination to provide sibling for Moppet, even though there are so many days when I feel she's about all I can handle!

Oh, and happy (belated) Visu to you and your family!

karmickids said...

Oh Gauri, you're just making me long to have a second baby... am feeling so guilty at depriving brat of brat 2

The duplicate Sindhi said...

the funny part is I felt the same way with my parents....when my 2 month vacation began I longed to fill my 2 year hiatus with their words. 2 weeks later I was wondering what I'd been drinking at the time. Mom with her constant barrage of do's and dont's and Dad with his ever-rightly view on every thing from Iraq to my toothbrush....

I'm back in China now and the silence,as you put it, is deafening. Looks like we just can't make up our minds, can we.......?

The Mad Momma said...

oh thats beautiful... i love sibling love.. its the best..and i think ur getting to enjoy it despite being an only child.. right?..i think we're blessed to witness such moments..

Just like that said...

you wrote a post much later on Appu and Abhay, and made me wonder abt a sibling for Sonny boy.

You are one determined woman, aren't you? Help. I can hardly cope with Sonny boy and home and work.. what will I do when a second baby comes in?