05 April, 2007

Little Izzy ...

I read about Izzy at Usha’s blog.

Izzy is a little girl, all of 3 years old and she lives in Michigan. For little Izzy, growing up takes on a different meaning altogether. Because she has recently been diagnosed with Pre-T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. So life, as she knows it, is going to mean a lot many doctors, a lot many procedures, twice a week visits to the cancer clinic either to have blood tests done or for chemotherapy.

And since chemotherapy also lowers the immunity of the body, Izzy’s parents have to keep Izzy at home. It is indeed very difficult to imagine a three year old having to forgo simple pleasures like playing in the park or a romp in the pool or a visit to the zoo – the list is endless. It must be so very difficult on the parents too.

But, like Usha says, we can help.

Izzy happens to be extremely fond of stories and loves to act out the characters in the stories. She wants to grow up and become Sleeping Beauty.

We could help by sending Izzy little things like little stories, cartoons, drawings, paintings, poems. – anything that would help take a little mind off all that pain and discomfort.

These could either be posted as comments on Izzy’s blog Or could be emailed to izzysfund@yahoo.com.

Anything that would help take a little mind off all that pain and discomfort, albeit for a little while.

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