12 April, 2007

Little "chips" of wisdom !!

This happened yesterday when the kids were watching a VHS tape (do they still make them ??) of Disney cartoons.

A particular favorite with Abhay, among the Disney characters, are the two little chipmunks. Until yesterday, he used to insist on referring to them just as chipmunks.

Yesterday he wanted to know their names.

“One is Chip and the other is Dale” I told him, not getting into the specifics of the whole issue because for the life of me, I can never figure out which one is which.

"Chip and Dale" "Chip and Dale" started the chant, seriously making me wonder if we had been better off referring to them just as chipmunks.

And in an effort to put the brakes on the chanting, I told him

"Chip and Dale are two little chipmunks"

"NO" came the reply.

"What no ? Why no ?" I asked him, my voice bordering on exasperation.

“Chip is Chipmunk” and “Dale is Dalemunk” said the little wise guy.

And so they have been christened.

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