11 April, 2007

The day Abhay brought home a caterpillar !!!

I still remember the day very vividly.

The day Abhay decided to bring, of all the things, a caterpillar, home.

The image that was burnt into my retina was one of Abhay standing there proudly holding his prized possession – a caterpillar.

I must have been quite a sight – a scream fully formed in my throat whilst not quite finding its way out though, my eyes as wide as saucers, my hands flailing wildly yet doing nothing constructive, my feet rooted to the ground on which they stood, my knees threatening to buckle any moment, a rush of blood zinging in my ears.

There I stood – cooking up all kinds of horrific scenarios in my mind while at the same time a small part of the same mind acknowledged the fact that the little caterpillar did look quite cute.

Finally having found my voice back, I managed to squeak

“What is that Abhay ?”

“That’s a caterpillar” came the reply, real real prompt.

“What is it doing on your hand ?” I croaked

“Want to take caterpillar home” came the reply with a smile on his face

“What is it going to eat ?” I inquired in all of my adult wisdom

“Caterpillar eat leaf” came the simple reply with a rather suspicious look on his face

“Is Mummy leading me on here ?” is what that look seemed to ask

Finally, I gave in (as if I really had a choice) - that expectant little face, those two little eyes gleaming with pride and joy reminded me not to disappoint him ........

And yes, the caterpillar came home with us and is staying with us under the same roof.

And since it is here anyway, I even clicked a picture of it.

The fat, plump and green little caterpillar with two beady black eyes, resting on its leafy bed.

I have to admit though, much as I fight the desire to say this, it looks so darn cute !!!

P.S. : This actually started off as a very innocuous post.

While I was drumming up the post, I was also going through some pictures of Abhay during his babyhood days and one particular picture caught my eye. It was a picture of his which had been doctored and I burst out laughing.

I had emailed that picture to one of my dearest friends who wrote back to me remarking that I had a very “quacky sense of humour”. And when that "quacky sense of humor" came into play, it brought about a twist in the “tale” of the caterpillar.

What say T ?? Is my quacky sense of humour still around ?? :-)))))))

5 voice(s) said so:

Fuzzylogic said...

LOL,I liked the twist in the story and the sense of humor:)Your little boy is adorable in that pic.

Tharini said...

Am I the T, G? :)

I see u haven't lost ur touch! One of these days u shud post the Hitler one! THAT's my favorite!!

The duplicate Sindhi said...

you had me going.......all the way...I had to double back to read and make sure I was conned!!!!

Vic Krishnan said...


Send me your condolences. I am married to this joker.

Abhay's Dad

Just like that said...

hahaha ! Its still around! I read your post on the waxed hand, and I should have known better....

but am so paranoid abt wworms myself, and there IS that HSBC ad... and .... :-)