13 April, 2007

Chicken Wings or ........

Saturday before last, while all of us were making our way back from the park, we stopped over at KFC to pick up some spicy chicken wings. Appu had been salivating over the thought of chicken wings for a while, so KFC it was.

Abhay, as was the case during that time (that's past tense cos he changes phases so quickly and so often, of late), was full of questions.

On and on and on went the questions while we waited for the spicy wings to be packed up. Finally, having gotten our parcel, we made our way home.

Once home, Appu and Vic were digging into the wings while I joined them after a few minutes. Abhay was sitting on one of the dining chairs drinking what he calls "Coke Joosh". And then I got to the table too.

Just then, the little wise guy says "What u eating ? Chicken Pox ?"

And I'm dead sure he caught that quick look that passed between me and Vic at that instant.

"No Abhay. Those are chicken wings" I said, in a very feeble attempt to salvage the situation and my rapidly dissipating appetite.

"That's a Chicken Pox" he reiterated, pointing to the cardboard carton in which the chicken wings had been packed.

“No Abhay – that’s a box not pox” said Vic

For emphasis, I added “B…B….Box”

But Abhay would have none of it and as far as he was concerned, chicken pox it was.

Fortunately, Appu was totally immersed and well into attacking the chicken wings as though they were going to come to life and fly off. So busy was Appu that none of the above conversation even registered in her mind !!

And needless to say, one can't blame me for having totally lost my appetite !!!

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