03 April, 2007

Abhay ......... in words

There came a piece of paper from Abhay's school last week, titled "Parent's Words".

The school wanted the parents to send in a few words about their child - what the child is like etc....

"Abhay .... in words" - this was how it went ..........

"If Abhay is to be described in one sentence, this would be it.

He is incredibly naughty, mischievous, constantly “on the go” and “full of zip”.

“Fire” is the current element of his fascination, much to our anxiety.

He loves to fix puzzles on the PC, do “lopsum” colorings with sketch pens, build “lopsum” cars and buses with Lego. He is totally captivated by the solar system and could very well talk about the planets in his sleep too.

His penchant for cars, buses, trucks – for that matter – anything on wheels, has all but turned our house into a makeshift parking lot. Many a times, it quite resembles a fully operational garage too. And among all the cars, his absolute favorite is Lightning McQueen.

He has been completely bowled over by Mumble, the little penguin in the movie Happy Feet. So much so that he identifies with Mumble. And very much like Mumble, Abhay too has a very gentle psyche shrouding his personality."

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Usha said...

Loved reading this. And he must be quite a bundle of joy!

@ said...

you're very eloquent, Gauri and funny too :) 'much to our anxiety' and 'parking lot' LOL!

B o o said...

Hey Gauri! I have linked you here - indianmommies.blogspot.com.
Hope its ok!