09 March, 2007

Very Eggciting ...

I had earlier done a post I Do v/s I See which brought forth Abhay's tendency to be very specific. I mean, we have to be very specific about the words we use whilst asking him something.

Yesterday night, as all of us were in the living room after having had our dinner, amidst all the din and uproar that both Appu and Abhay were managing to create, the topic of discussion turned to omelettes.

Abhay's ears perked up when he heard the word "omelette" and we were singing to him the virtues of eating an egg everyday. All our verbal efforts to get him to agree to have an omelette as part of his breakfast menu were in vain, I must say. All that we said was met with a very stubborn shake of his head.

I then asked him "Abhay what do we use to make an omelette ?"

"Hmmmm ....................." he thought ................

"A fork" he said.

(We do take the easy way out by using a fork to beat the eggs rather than go thru the cumbersome process of getting the electric beater out..... blah blah blah ...... to put it very plainly ..... we take the lazy way out)

The answer I was looking for was "egg".

Seems very obvious, does it not ?? What does one use to make an omelette - the obvious answer would be EGG.

Then with due respect to his insistence towards precision, I asked him

"What do we need to cook to make an omelette ?"

"Egg" came the totally unambiguous reply.

4 voice(s) said so:

The Mad Momma said...

your son keeps me entertained..and prepared for what lies ahead...!!

starry nights said...

Abhay is just too cute for words.

Orchid said...

and you did not learn after the i do/i see episode ?? :)

Just like that said...

am with orchid on this :-)