27 March, 2007

Spring is here .........

......... and lots of Lil Green Thumbs have been busy - planting, nourishing and nurturing Nature.

Today afternoon, as the little children filed out of the classroom, each one had in their hands a small pot of lush green grass. And this was no ordinary grass. It was the result of their efforts and their commitment and their nurture which Mother Nature had fully taken into account.

For the past week or so, the little gardeners had planted grass seeds in little thermocol cups and used to very diligently water their "pots" once a day.

This was the little pot that our Little Gardener carried home today from school.

Through the day, I've caught Abhay staring at the grass with obvious fascination and a couple of times I found him gently running his little palm and fingers on the grass.

Today evening, I found him leaning towards the grass and merrily belting out

"She'll be coming round the mountain when she comes ........"

4 voice(s) said so:

@ said...

very cute! I love that the school teaches nurturing and love for plants at this age...

Sush said...

true @.. it is really refreshing to see the school teaching all these at this tender age.. I just wish everyone on this earth gets the same pleasure out of seeing the greenery around

Orchid said...

I could've sworn I left atleast 2 other comments both of which have disappeared (on previos posts) :(
But I understand when you say abhay is fascinated....Li'l A is taht wya too..last yr he boguht home a plant and wanted to take it to bed with him !!

Ardra said...

love reading your posts abt abhay and appu.