30 March, 2007

Reading Buddies ......

On Appu's first day at primary school, the one thing that struck me, the one thing that I found extremely pleasing was the willingness of the senior students to help the juniors. And I found that there were plenty of helping hands and cheerful faces to guide the little ones and initiate them into primary school. How lovely, I remember thinking to myself then.

It is during the Primary One year that the children are encouraged to make the first move towards independency as far as reading is concerned. And what made this whole exercise more remarkable was the fact that the children from the Primary Three classes used to sit with the children from the Primary One classes and help and encourage them to read. They help them put phonics together to form a word, they explain the meaning of words that might otherwise seem quite outworldly to the little Primary Ones.

During her Primary One years, Aparna used to very often come home and tell me

"Mummy - today Dan helped me read this book."
"Mummy - Dan told me the meaning of this word"

Dan, from one of the Primary Three classes, was Appu's reading buddy then.

And she's come a long long way since then as far as reading is concerned. She's virtually a bookaholic (sounds stronger than a bookworm :-0).

And I was indeed more than pleased when Appu came and told me a few weeks back that she now regularly goes to one of the Primary One classes and helps a little girl called Mandy with her reading.

Aparna is Mandy's reading buddy.

From having a Reading Buddy in her Primary One year to being a Reading Buddy in her Primary Three year ..........

.............. Aparna has indeed come a Full Circle.

3 voice(s) said so:

Orchid said...

Nice!! wish it were full circle time for Li'l A.....he is just starting with phonics..long way ahead, I guess!

The Mad Momma said...

what a lovely idea.. i wish they would do something like this in india... its so good to teach children to share knowledge... its very healthy....

Usha said...

Yes and they learn so much more in all this sharing. Lovely idea indeed!