27 March, 2007

Queries Abound .......

The third tooth falleth.

I’m talking of Appu’s upper incisors this time around.

Last week, one upper incisor left its gummy bed, leaving in its wake a huge gap on Appu’s upper jaw. It was an absolute breach of upper jaw security. So much so that it prompted Vic to pull Appu’s leg by telling her that in case she needed to drink something through a straw, it would be possible for her to do so without opening her mouth now :-0.

After felling one tooth (she pulled it out by herself this time around), Appu came to me and remarked that “the next tooth too will fall out soon Mummy – cos it does not have any foundation now”.

“You mean support Appu – don’t you” I asked her

“No – I mean foundation” she said.

“The next tooth does not have any support” I told her “Foundation does not sound quite right”

“But why ?” came her query.

“See Mummy – when you say foundation of a building – you mean that foundation is something that supports the building right ?”

Hmmm. Supplementary contemplation proved that this little “foundation-support” question did have a lot of weight.

Another time, when I was giving her her shower, she asked me

“What is the difference between science and technology ?”

Just before she went off on camp last week, I remember her asking me

“Who makes the sun rise and who makes the sun set ?”

According to the information gathered by Appu from The Mahabharata (which she is currently reading), it is Brahma who makes the sun rise and Dharma who makes the sun set.

I really did not know this. She enlightened me in this regard.

Frequent, intermittent brushing up and an incessant need to keep adding on to the existing amount of specifics inside my head, seem to be the order of the day.

3 voice(s) said so:

@ said...

i have to say, foundation sounds like an apt usage. and the rest are legitimate questions! yea, Gauri, pick up your pace :)

Usha said...

But it is such a pleasure to learn from them too. And I didn't know this part of our mythology either.

Just like that said...

WOW! I didn't know that abt Brahma and Dharma either.