02 March, 2007

Powderpuff, Powderpuff, my little Powderpuff

Picking up from Orchid, this is my edition of the "Got Mischief" tag.

Today morning, after I'd given Abhay his shower, I realised that I'd forgotten to put out his thermal vest alongwith the rest of his after-shower clothes.

I left him alone for a couple of minutes, while I went and got the said thermal vest from the wardrobe.

On my way back from the wardrobe, I saw something that sent me scurrying for the camera.

When I got back with the camera, this was what I was confronted with !!

"Abhay put powder" was all he could manage :-))

6 voice(s) said so:

@ said...

this looks like an ideal candidate for Orchid's 'Got Mischief' tag :)

Gauri said...

Thanks @ for letting me know about the tag. Have edited my post to add the tagline.

The Mad Momma said...

:) i love how mothers would rather get the camera than clean up!

Dad said...


Dad of Abhay

Orchid said...

Gauri, just realized you had taken up the got mischief tag...hope that was fun and boy did that picture make me smile :)

Just like that said...

hahahahah lol at Dad again!