01 March, 2007

The Little Weatherman

It is part of the daily morning routine in Abhay's class to check the weather for the day. One child is asked to go over to the window and look out and then come back to the whiteboard and tell the whole class what they think the weather for the day is.

To make things easier for them, they have nice little boards, which are as follows

1. Cloudy - pictures of grey clouds against a sky background with the word "CLOUDY"

2. Rainy - pictures of clouds and raindrops with the word "RAINY"

3. Windy - pictures of trees swaying in the wind and swirls for emphasis and the word "WINDY"

4. Sunny - picture of a big smiling sun with the word "SUNNY"

5. Partly Sunny/Partly Cloudy - with the sun peeping from behind the cloud and the words "PARTLY SUNNY AND PARTLY CLOUDY".

To those of you who are still reading this post, I must say I admire your persistence :-)

They take turns - the children I mean - to peep out of the window and announce to the class what the weather for the day is.

Since he is so very enamored with the concept, I am at the receiving end of a great many weather reports through the day from Abhay.

Yesterday, the kids had already settled into bed when Abhay had this sudden insistent urge to look out of the window to report the weather.

I tried telling him that the sky was too dark for him to be able to make anything out, but to no avail.

"Want to see weather" was the insistent, unrelenting chant.

Finally I gave in (as if I had a choice) and told him

"Go Ahead and look out of the window. Mind you the sky is dark and you are not going to be able to see anything - forget being able to gauge the weather"

"Want to see weather" came the reply

"Go Ahead" I said, looking quite smug at the prospect of Abhay's reaction when he found dark skies.

I was all prepared with an "I told you so" retort.

He hopped up onto the ledge, opened the curtains up with a flourish and looked up at the sky ...

.... and we waited ....... for the weatherman's verdict.

Appu asked me in a whisper "What's taking him so long ?"

Finally, after a few minutes, the "weatherman" turned around.

"What's the weather Abhay ?" me and Appu asked him together

Silence ...........!!!!

"Abhay, what's the weather ?" we asked him again

Hmmmmm (it seemed to go on for ever) and then he said

"Partly Moony Partly Cloudy".

And there was no way, absolutely no way I could dispute that one !!!!!!!

So much for my smug look and the "I told you so".

3 voice(s) said so:

karmickids said...

What an absolutely delightful little weather man...dont these kids amaze you sometimes...enjoy your blog.

mommyof2 said...

haha.. so right:-)

Usha said...

Absolutely!!YOU asked for it!