26 March, 2007

Little Mumble ....

(Photo courtesy Google)

Abhay has been absolutely taken in by Mumble - the little penguin in the movie Happy Feet. In fact, he is so enamored by Mumble that he identifies with him.

And last week, when I went over to the library to get a fresh lot of books for him, I found a book titled “The Little Penguin”. And ever since that book got home, Abhay has it read out to him whenever the opportunity presents itself – which is to say “lopsum times” (Abhayism for lots of times).

Yesterday, while I was giving Abhay his shower, the green Pears soapcake (which happens to be oval in shape too) broke into two. I did not stop to think and plonked both the pieces into the soapdish.

On seeing this, Abhay’s face broke into a huge grin. And I could not really figure out why a broken soap could possibly be such a huge source of amusement and delight.

The mystery was fairly shortlived.

With that famous index finger pointed at the soap, he quipped

“See. The soap hatched. The soap hatched”.

Our little Mumble’s brain seems to be “hatching” with ideas.

4 voice(s) said so:

The Mad Momma said...

LOL!!! I missed this child while I was away.. he is just too cute to be true...

Random Thoughts said...

We are still waiting for his brain to hatch out of it's shell

- Abhay's Dad

Tharini said...

he he...cute cute! he knows the right quip for the right moments!

@ said...

at Abhay's dad: what! you mean Abhay isn't brainy enough??? he comes up with the smartest one-liners in all of blogsville, incl the hatching soap ;)