23 March, 2007

Ever wanted to live in the Polar Region ??

When I had been for the Parent-Teacher meeting at Aparna’s school last week, as is normally the case, all their books/worksheets etc had been laid out by their teacher for the parents to peruse before meeting up with the teacher.

In her Topic/Research book, earlier this month, their assignment had been to research for information about the polar region.

And later during the week, to check as to how much of information from the research had been absorbed by the children, they had been asked to write a report, the title of which was “If I were living in a Polar Region”. Very interesting !!

When I was going through Aparna’s book, I saw that she had divided the whole thing into areas.

Climate in the Polar region
What kind of a house would she be living in there and why
The advantages of the polar region
The disadvantages of the polar region

There was a very short but succinct write up about the climate in her book.

The kind of house she wanted to have in the polar region was a two-storey house with sloping roofs. Sloping roofs because when the ice melts even a little (if it does), a sloping roof would enable the melted ice to slide down whereas with a flat roof the ice/melted ice would just collect on the roof.

The house, according to her had to be two storeyed because of the high possibility that the lower windows could very well get covered with snow stacked very high.

I was pretty impressed !!

I kept reading through the advantages of living in a polar region and finally came to the disadvantages section

She had again listed them out pointwise and right at the bottom of the page, I saw a hasty scribble which read

“I would not really like to live in the polar region because it is extremely cold through out the year. It is so very very cold that I could very well catch the flu”.

Now that really cracked me up !!!!

I could not contain the laughter that erupted all of a sudden at that unexpected little note at the bottom of the page.

That’s a sample of the “Aparna brand” sense of humour.

3 voice(s) said so:

Tharini said...

That was sooo impressive Gauri. Truly. She has really used her mind well. What a proud moment. Loved her special brand of humour...cute smart cookie!

Usha said...

Oh my god, these kids give me a complex all the time. I might have done a sloping roof because it is cute but not with so much thought. Evolution!

Just like that said...

how old was she then, I wonder, to have given so much thought into her project/