21 March, 2007

The day the bus "Broke"

On Friday last, the kids in kindergarten were to go on a field trip. A trip on a school bus. I guess this was to get them used to the idea of the “dos and donts” in a school bus.

That afternoon, I asked Abhay how the ride had been.

“I sit in school bus”, he said.

“Abhay put the seat belt” was the next comment

“The bus go BRRRRRRRR on the road” said Abhay.

And then he said “The bus broken”.

Now he associates the word “broken” with a vehicle usually when we are watching the news on TV and there is some footage of an accident having taken place.

“The bus broken ?” I asked him not quite comprehending what he was trying to tell me.

I must have been looking quite weird because he gave me one long look and started shaking his head quite furiously from side to side and said

“The bus broke.”

Realising that it was not making any difference, he tried

“The bus broked”.

I then asked him “Abhay how did the bus broke ?”

Fortunately, he decided to use sound effects this time around

“Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeccchhhhhhhh” !!!!!!

Oh !!!

What the little guy had been trying to say was “Brakes”.

3 voice(s) said so:

pravin said...

haha. that was cute

Usha said...

haha the brake/ break confusion - entertaining. We take so much for granted without questioning them - but not the child!

Just like that said...

am loving Abhay's experiments with English!