08 February, 2007

Years and Months

Yesterday, as we were returning home from the park, Appu asked me

“How many months old am I Mom ?”

“7 years – so do your Math Missy” I told her.

She started to work on that one.

7 times 12 plus another 2 months and she said

“That makes me 86 months old Mom”.

And that was when I remember thinking ……

“Has it been JUST 86 months since she came into this world ?”

Funny, is it not - the fact that there are such situations where numbers don’t make much sense.

Had I thought of it as 7 years, it would have seemed much longer.

Somehow, 86 months seemed like such a short span of time.

3 voice(s) said so:

The Mad Momma said...

hey..when you put it that way... childhood is so short and so precious and time with your children just flies doesn't it?!

Twisted DNA said...

I think that about myself :) Has it been 32 years since I came this world! Seems much shorter :)

Just like that said...