26 February, 2007

When Mommies get careless .........

.......... this is what happens !!!!

I had left my handbag lying around today afternoon. And it still contained a tube of lipstick. Normally, all cosmetics go back where they belong after one of my outings - but today I forgot.

Abhay was busy exploring my bag, presumably for candies, but he hit jackpot instead. When I went looking for him, this was the sight I saw.

Abhay with a very liberal smearing of lipstick on his lips. And he even consented to me taking a picture and after that .............

........... there was a mad mad mad dash for the living room with mommy flying after him like a bat out of hell - cos mommy knew he would crash into the sofa in the living room, which incidentally, happens to have pale blue covers.

Must have been quite a sight - Abhay screaming in total glee and absolute abandon, Mommy in hot pursuit yelling like a banshee and Grandma looking completely bewildered !!

Mommy managed to catch hold of him quite literally by the scruff of his neck and landed in a heap on the carpet of the living room. Phew !!!!!

(Mommy hasn't quite had the guts to check under the carpet and see if she has managed to create a crater in the living room).

The lipstick tube in question has been safely ensconced where it rightfully belongs.

5 voice(s) said so:

Orchid said...

Haha!..thanks for a visual recount of what happened..so did you check? is there a crater :)

The Mad Momma said...

You can save this picture for posterity and blackmail him into eating his greens when he is ten!!

Gauri said...

Orchid : There sure seems to be a dent of some sort :-))))

MM : I wish getting him to eat greens were that easy. For that matter, he does not eat any now either.

Dad said...

He is already in touch with his feminine side....trouble ahead?!

Dad of Abhay

Just like that said...

LOL- am liking the dad of Abhay comments.