08 February, 2007

Sweet Innocence !!

Three days back, in the afternoon, the kids were watching Lilo and Stitch on Disney channel.

Seems to be some sort of variation to the original story because Stitch was shown rescuing a baby bird which had fallen from its nest onto the grass below.

Abhay’s eyes were glued to the TV as Stitch picked up the little birdie, climbed up the tree trunk, located the nest and settled the little birdie into it.

He then got some worms and opened his big mouth so that the little birdie could eat the worms.

What’s the birdie eating ?? asked Abhay

“Worms. Birds eat worms Abhay” I said.

As I took a telephone call, the little birdie was busy eating worms and Abhay and Appu were busy watching the scene unfolding on the TV.

Once I had finished with the telephone call, I came back into the living room to find Abhay standing bang in front of the TV and offering his half finished cookie to the TV.

????!!!! I wondered.

I heard him say “Birdie – want cookie ? Don’t cry. Its OK. Its OK”

When I looked at the TV screen, the little birdie was profusely shedding tears.

Abhay’s version : Birdie crying. Where is Mummy Birdie ? Mummy Birdie go to sop (Abhayism for shop) to bing (Abhayism for bring) worm.

Oh !!!!

Just how sweet can innocence get !!!

4 voice(s) said so:

Usha said...

Oh my god. Please give abhay a hug from me.what a sweet kid!

@ said...

he is sooo compassionate, and that is consistent in so many of his deliciously sweet acts of kindness :)

Mad said...

:o) i wish i knew him in person. my son too tried to feed his biscuits to his own picture on the computer today...

Just like that said...

aawwwww! that is so cute of Abhay!