26 February, 2007

One weird little fishy !!

We've been marking this for quite a while now.

One of the goldfishes in the aquarium at home loves to float upside down.

There has been one such instance previously where one of the fishes used to swim vertically - that is to say - nosedive and also swim up vertically. This was when Aparna was around 3 1/2 and it really freaked her out.

This little fish has been doing this for quite some time and it has been my endeavour to capture it on camera. And today, I did ..........

This is how the fish begins to flip belly up (the dark orange goldfish) ....

And this is how the little fish floats belly up, looking quite content.

And that's how it stays for a minute or so !!

4 voice(s) said so:

starry nights said...

That is cool.A very talented fishie.

Sush said...

love the aquarium :)

Sush said...

you have been tagged, please take it up

Gauri said...

Sush & Starry : Thanks !!

Sush : I did an earlier post on my little babies (the fishes :-0)
If you want a better look at the aquarium check out this post at