07 February, 2007

The Little Violinist

Appu’s tryst with the violin began sometime towards the end of July 2005.

Both Vic and me, as parents, have always strived to maintain a easy going, informal relationship with our kids. We mercilessly pull our kids’ legs even now and if the kids think that we are going to start going easy on them in this respect as they grow older, I can only say that they sure have a second thought coming.

I still remember a lot of totally hilarious moments involving Aparna and her violin.

At times, all of us, including Appu, used to end up laughing and at many a other more sensitive moments, we’ve also struggled to stifle the laughter that threatened to rumble and explode, in an effort not to hurt Appu’s feelings.

For Appu as well, it took some getting used to – the violin I mean.

It did take a lot of hard work, a lot of practice and a lot of commitment from her and over the past year she has surely and steadily improved whilst playing the violin.

When she plays a piece now, it actually sounds like a violin whereas initially it used to sound as though someone was being strangled J I know I sound real mean when I say this, but this has been a standing joke between us and Appu.

Towards the end of her Primary Two year, Appu had taken her violin to school once to play a few pieces during their music session. Her music teacher must have been pretty impressed because she had made a special note in Appu’s Year Two Report suggesting that Appu join the KJS Junior Orchestra in her Primary Three year.

Nowadays, come Wednesday, Appu is seen going off to school with her violin in tow. Because, the kids, ably guided by their Music Teacher at school, are rehearsing for the school’s Junior Orchestra.

If all goes well and the rehearsals are on schedule, we should, in all probability, be able to see Appu playing the violin in the school’s Junior String Orchestra.

Way to go Appu, Way to go !!!!

3 voice(s) said so:

Aparna said...


I like the way you tease each other :) and I think it's a great thing to learn to take teasing well, and to not to take oneself too seriously.

Proud that her teacher recommended that Appu be in the Junior orchestra.

Love to her and to Abhay.

lalitha said...

Way to go Appu.keep playing.It is good she is in an orchestra.

Just like that said...

way to go indeed! :-)