05 February, 2007

Little Minds .... or are they ??????

Keeping Abhay’s mind occupied is no easy task. And it is not made any easier by the fact that most of the activities that would keep him engaged either require a participant (in the form of an adult)


supervision (at times, he still tries to figure out whether a LEGO block would fit into his mouth and if so, how far would it go – just an example that, but I’m sure it paints a picture of what I’m talking about here)


both !!

Sometimes I write out numbers for him at random and he calls them out, sometimes it is alphabets, small spellings and of late, teaching him to spell out his name. He’s gotten the hang of spelling his name out but the word CAT absolutely foxes him – or so he portrays. According to him, ACT is Cat and not CAT. And the matter remains unresolved till date.

And activities like tracing alphabets and writing are construed as quite mundane by the big guy. Not that he’s said that in as many words, but then his body language gives it all away. And then there is always that “Don’t want to do this” that he chooses to decree upon many a activity.

Just a couple of days back, in the afternoon, he did not seem to be in a mood to do anything but at the same time was getting right royally bored. And the outside was too cold and windy for even a casual stroll.

I was doodling on a sketch pad and he came and sat down next to me – his face quite bright with anticipation. When I asked him if he wanted me to write out something for him to read, I did get a grin in response.

With great flourish, I wrote out the capital “G” on the sketch pad and waited for his voice to pipe out the alphabet followed by the phonic interpretation. Instead, I heard him say “That’s Number Five”.

“Number Five” ?? I asked him

“That’s a Number Five” came the reply, brimming with confidence.

“Show me how”? I said

He just went to the other side of the sketch pad and said “Five”.

Oh Yes !!

A capital G written vertically does form number Five if seen horizontally.

OK – Yessireee !!!

Following the same theme, we then went on to the alphabet W which could also be read as M. Then there was S and I which looked the same both ways. Then there was Z which could also be read out as N from a different angle.

No wonder then, it is very often said that a child’s mind is incredibly flexible, creative and imaginative.

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The Mad Momma said...

you know... I dont know about people who dont have kids.. or those who choose to work instead of staying home with kids... but these are the priceless moments I live for and stay home for... I dont think I would be the same person if it weren't for these things.... the little things you post about show how completely tuned into their lives you are.. and how much you appreciate them... you keep themn coming too, Gauri!

mommyof2 said...

very creative:-) Good job Abhay:-)

starry nights said...

I think Abhay is having a lot of fun learning.and Is lucky to have you as his mom.

Just like that said...

Very true. Wish we didn't have to condition our minds...
hope Abhay retains this openness all his life.:-)