25 February, 2007

The Kid

A few weeks back, as me and Abhay were coming back home from school, we had the usual long flight of stairs to negotiate.

When the independent spirit in him suddenly takes over, he insists on climbing up the stairs without holding on to my hand or the railings. So I end up dutifully walking behind him, just in case he slips (God Forbid !) or suddenly takes to a little birdie and decides to go after it at full speed or some such thing.

On this particular day, as we were climbing up the stairs, another little boy ahead of us was also climbing the stairs without holding onto anything and he stumbled, and much to my horror, fell down.

And my immediate reaction was “Oh My God !! That kid fell down”.

Abhay’s ears perked up and he asked me “Where’s the kid ?”

My attention was still focused on the other little boy (as Abhay’s little hands were holding onto mine by then) and I pointed in the general direction of that little boy and said “There. That little kid was running up the stairs and he fell down”.

Once we had reached the top of the stairs, Abhay once again asked me “That’s a kid ?”

And I absentmindedly nodded and said “Yes”. My mind was still riveted on the close shave that the other little boy had just had. I was still mentally shuddering at the thought.

Then I heard Abhay’s voice again – piercing through that fog that had momentarily encircled my thoughts

“That’s a Mummy Goat” he said.

And he had an extremely puzzled look on his face. He looked quite disturbed, actually.

Wondering where in the world he saw a goat on the stairs, I followed the direction of his gaze and found that he was talking about the lady with that little boy.

Was I not the one who taught Abhay that a “kid” is a “baby goat” ?

In this case, I don’t know whether to call it his fuzzy logic or his own brand of lateral thinking – he had concluded that if the little boy was a “kid” (as mommy kept insisting) then the lady with him was a “mummy goat” – while she looked, in no way, like one.

From that day on, I keep reminding myself every single day, never ever again to refer to any little child as a “kid”.

And with time, he also will be initiated into the wonders of the English language where the same word can well have two meanings. Maybe even more.

6 voice(s) said so:

mommyof2 said...

so in Abhay's world we all are mommy goats.. mmaahhhhh ;-)

Gauri said...

Oh G !! I invited trouble this way too. I too used to tell him the same thing "mmmaaahhhh". I guess it was payback time yesterday. Since yesterday evening he says he is a little puppy and sticks his tongue out most of the time.
It's driving me nuts :-)

@ said...

omg! he's unbelievable :) what a punster!

The Mad Momma said...

you make me really look forward to the Brat growing a little more and speaking... this child is so cute!!!

Gauri said...

@ : Yeah. He sure makes my day :-)

MM : Yes - it sure is fun cos they are so fresh and original in what they say. Just you wait :-)))

Just like that said...

Mmmaaahhh from one mommy goat to another! LOL