16 February, 2007

India Poised

Quite some time back, someone had emailed us the video “India Poised” – both the versions – the English and the Hindi ones.

Yes, I’m talking about the same video in which the Big Bacchan has been talking about the two different Indias.

The absolute conviction with which he says “There are two Indias – One India is straining at the leash ………. The other India is the leash” - is something that has to be seen to be believed.

Wow !! – The first few times we watched the video - what fervor, what zeal, what passion he manages to induce into that video clip, I thought.

But all that was to follow was quite a bit of disillusionment, what with all the hype that followed about getting his daughter-in-law to-be married, of all the things, to a couple of trees. Though, in this particular situation, my sympathies lie totally with those two trees !!

Talk, I thought to myself, once again, about the India which IS the leash. The Bacchans certainly seemed to be part of THAT India.

Anyways, coming to the point – while the video clip was being played on the PC, we used to have quite an interested spectator around. Abhay found the whole thing (especially the English version) quite fascinating.

So much so that, he too would start off by saying “There are two Indias and that would be followed by a whole lot of garbled language and finally he would say “It’s time to fly”.

Last week, Abhay decided to give us his “take” on the commentary.

He started off “There are two Indias …” with his hands behind his back and his head cocked to the side. And a lot of garble followed and then finally the finale

“There were lotsam birdies. Birdies say Cheep Cheep Cheep. The little birdie say “It’s time to fly”.

3 voice(s) said so:

Orchid said...

Saw the India poised video too and pretty much flet the same way. LOl "Though, in this particular situation, my sympathies lie totally with those two trees !!"

starry nights said...

Have not seen this video. But I think Abhay's version was cute.

Twisted DNA said...

Didn't see the video but would rather see your kid's impression :)